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Couldn't you say this about every industry though? I feel like I could have read the exact same post, with the word engineer literally substituted for any other job name, and it'd still read the same. Is that a fair assessment, or is my experience just limited?

Hm, I don't think it's strictly every job, but it's a common syndrome. Say for example a surgeon - in my mental model he moves from being an assistant during ops to leading op teams or research. I might have a completely wrong model how surgeon careers progress, though :P

But in general it makes sense for experienced people to move into managerial roles where they can leverage their knowledge on a meta level, rather than purely object level work.

A surgeon isn't even ready to be the lead hand-on surgeon in am operation until ay east age 30, after years of apprenticeship.

Been done read up about the Chief Programmer Team model which was doing software dev using the same paradigm as a surgical team.

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