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I am the founder of another open source project (https://erpnext.com) and we monetize from the end-user (non-developer community). This is the community which values hosting services else they would need a third party to host your product. If you identify that group, they are more likely to trust your service rather than go with someone else.

If you have a product that is targeted squarely on the developer community, it is hard to monetize unless you are a platform (i.e. GitHub). On similar lines, Wordpress makes money from bloggers, not web designers, hence the "hosting" service is value for money.

Do you target end customers for LocomotiveCMS? Look at your hosting customers and see why they signed up for your hosting. Identify a niche and focus on marketing to that niche.

Blog posts like this will definitely help. Wish you all the best!

No, we don't target the end customers. Though V3 and it's new user interface is definitely aimed as making content editing way more fun for them.

You know, at first if felt really good talking to developers and trying to solve their problems rather than having to provide support to non technical people.

But we are indeed considering serving a niche we think is underserved and that would actually need only a fraction of the features we've developed. That would be a more manageable project though I hate the idea of letting down our early adopters and all the people who believe in Locomotive.

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