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Thanks Rachel, I really appreciate your comment. When we introduced our very first paid services, we were very afraid to scare our open source community away and consequently, we were way too shy in our marketing efforts.

But that was a mistake and this led to the situation we are in right now. And of course, we can only offer limited support to our free users because it would just kill our business otherwise. We'll work on improving our onboarding process and be more agressive in terms of marketing to generate more revenues that every one will benefit from in the end.

At Perch our biggest cost is support in terms of our time and the requirement for more people to scale it, it's why we don't offer any kind of free version.

We actually only hear from about 25% of our customers and only 10% raise more than one query, but if you take a look at our forum you'll see a lot of the support we get isn't even anything to do with our product. We're now experts in the horror that is shared PHP webhosting, we end up helping people with their CSS.

So we have a license fee that covers support. People can come into our forum and we'll help them out. As a business focused product that is massively important. If a designer has used Perch to create a site for their client and they have trouble adding the free blog add-on for example, they need to know they can come and ask us about it. That's the biggest difference between us and a "free" product, you get help when you need it.

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