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Secrets of the Little Blue Box (1971) (lospadres.info)
38 points by daddy_drank on Oct 14, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

So one of the things I'd been seeking for a long time were what I called 'Hacker stories that start at the beginning'. That is, ones that start with how this person got interested in the first place. I finally put this desire to bed after reading Lapsley's Exploding the Phone (2013), which was so chock full that this book single handedly satisfied my need for them.

Exploding of course gives much more information on the subject of phreaking to anybody interested.

The author maintains a database of all the source documents he used to write the book on the books website, which is fascinating in and of itself:


One of the facts that amused me from that book was that switchboard operators were originally teenage boys, but they were rude to customers and swore a lot - so they switched to women.

I love reading stories about the old phreaks. It was an era that wrapped up before I got connected, and it's got some amazing lore.

Holy shit that beep nearly blew out my eardrums... A warning in the title would have been nice, my speakers are up waaay loud!

Great read.

"A telephone isn't private anymore. You can't say anything you really want to say on a telephone or you have to go through that paranoid bull----. 'Is it cool to talk on the phone?' I mean, even if it is cool, if you have to ask 'Is it cool,' then it isn't cool. You know."

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