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I wonder what's in the tip of the pyramid, shaded in black. Somethings I like to imagine:

- Kennedy was assassinated by CIA

- Aliens transferred technology to US government

- Former strongman of South Korea was assassinated by CIA

- List of other assassinations by CIA

- Iraq WMD was made up and knew about it but went ahead with war anyway.


You're not allowed to be imaginative or speculate here about topics that people have been conditioned to patriotically think non-critically about! Just give it up man! We all know that the official stories about 9/11 are 100% true!

(For a group that hates censorship as much as these "hackers" do, isn't it funny how they love a site that lets everybody censor each other by downvoting comments into invisibility? See? Help meeee I'm meltinggggg....)

When you speak in front of a crowd of people and are arrested by police for the things you're saying, that's censorship.

When the crowd boos you off the stage before you're finished, that's not censorship, it's other people also asserting their rights to free speech. Perhaps you should reconsider what you're saying or find a new group of people to say it to.

Your analogy doesn't work because 3 or 4 downvoters does not constitute a crowd. No, this is basically censorship by a small set of group-think leaders.

Thanks for the unsolicited advice though!

don't worry I got another account with lot of karma, gonna go for a coffee and you will feel my wrath.

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