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Thanks! Networking is available, but not yet used for multiplayer. I'm not implementing it myself, but if modders want to that is fine. I've got way too many issues to address - as much as I would have like it in there, I had to prune my feature list and taking out networking made everything much easier to implement.

Yeah I myself can't waste much time on games, obviously. I only pick up ones that I feel are good "research."

If anything, your procedural approach should make it easier, shouldn't it? Instead of transmitting level files you can only transmit some seed data, after that only transmit the updates. This should also make it possible for all players to change the map itself through interactions, like in Minecraft. I'm imagining something like the concept of No man's sky, applied to a low budget / community project, where every player starts on his own island and through exploring the world and surviving in the environment, they can slowly get enough gear to explore the world overseas.

Btw. what's with the Swiss mug? I'm Swiss, so that made me curious :).

My initial investor was from Switzerland. As I mentioned in another comment, we found eachother on reddit. He is just a regular guy, gamer, and programmer - not by any means wealthy but he had enough in savings to get me some seed funding. By coincidence, I went to Germany right after we started making a deal (I was visiting my wife's family, who is from Germany). I made a pitstop in Switzerland to meet my investor, and bought the mug there in Zurich. :)

Procedural approach does make it much easier to generate content. I've already got everything in place to generate entire seamless maps with logical road, street, city, and house placement among other things, and it is pretty easy to extend for things like caves and dungeons.

I understand why he invested. You have great passion and fantastic taste, I didn't know about this project until now.

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