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There is some destructibility in this video, but I'll go over it more in the future. :)

You can make it go a lot faster by lowering the resolution, as I point out a bit down the page in the article. Every reduction of 2 in resolution ups performance and memory usage by 4-8 times, based on if the process is 2D (post process) or 3D related (chunk rendering). I'm continuing to add more optimizations to make things faster as I go along.

I am also going to add in better support for caching and prerendering - right now it all happens exclusively in GPU memory - I can easily expand the view even further with system memory and hard disk usage.

At the risk of having you compete with a project I would not even start, ;) you should dynamically reduce the resolution so that it runs in WebGL and create a backend in Akka or Erlang. You could get real funding with what you have here.

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