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I'm pretty sure this is a fake. This Kenny Withers guy - (NSFW) http://kennywithers.com/featured-online-marketing-articles/t... seems to be posting it to a bunch of different news sites who are all reporting it now.

Tineye some of the images that are purportedly from the "leak", the few that I've checked have been around for a long time.

I understand the confusion that you may have regarding this "Snappening" event. I am Kenny Withers, the one that chronicled the original chatter on 4chan and blogged about it. My only purpose for exposing this event was to create awareness of the now confirmed leak of almost 100,000 stolen images and videos from the snapsaved.com website. My website has suffered outages as a result of this event, the website overloaded my old webhost and they did not have the ability to scale to handle the traffic. I have since switched hosts. To read more about the details of this discovery, please read the following Forbes article: forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2014/10/10/snapchat-hack-not-a-hoax-says-snappening-chronicler/


Agreed. I'd also be very surprised if Snapsave was routing user traffic through their servers. Apps like 6snap connect directly to Snapchat and everything works fine... so storing images on their own servers shouldn't be necessary.

This is interesting, as he seems to be working in Marketing it could be a stunt, right?

A stunt that is designed to kill the app Snapsave.

but doesn't it also brilliantly highlight the inherent problem with Snapchat?

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