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pankkake on Oct 8, 2014 | hide | past | favorite

This post was killed by user flags.

Has anyone ever noticed that when someone writes something that is contrary to the mainstream narrative, the mainstream labels it as a 'manifesto' or a 'screed'?

What about what Andrew said is reprehensible? Oh, sure, the whole Kathy Sierra dongtrain was eWreckage (and Weev, ffs let it go, let the woman say whatever she wants, leave it be) but his prevailing point- that the victimology-as-a-profile-raiser strategy that many otherwise irrelevant women seem to be employing is pretty bogus, albeit en vogue right now.

Weev is known for some pretty unusual and even extreme beliefs. That's partially why. He's a self admitted white nationalist (I very much am not, nor are most of us).

I agree that this blog post presents perfectly good and logical arguments though, even if most people here might disagree.

I for one agree with many of his points. It's a shame I have to use a throwaway account to say that. If I used my primary, I'd be inundated with accusations of misogyny. There is a massive stigma associated with gender issues like this, where the opposing side is regarded as antiquated misogynists living in the 1700s no matter what they actually say.

> It's a shame I have to use a throwaway account to say that.

Well, I'll say it on my only account: The points lad out here are extremely agreeable.


what about the presentation of facts and evidence is insane?


You just responded to rabite telling him not to fall for weev's game but by now you probably realise rabite is weev.

Either way, why was there a 150+ comment story accusing weev of something which he didn't do when it could very easily have been fact-checked? It's still circulating.

You might dislike this guy for his belief system, but surely when you are given proof that what he says is correct you should be willing to hear him out?

I am a white nationalist, not a nazi. That means I believe whites are being systematically attacked and I work in my free time to defend my race from utter destruction. However, at work I leave my politics at the door, and I have colleagues that are diverse in terms of both gender and ethnic origin.

Now please explain how my politics changes the fact that I did not make the full-disclosure post dropping Kathy Sierra's dox, with the mail headers of the post verifying my claim? How does that change the fact that the media and social justice community has consistently cheered dox dropping, but goes into outrage mode when it happens to one of their own?

It doesn't matter what my politics or identity is. What matters is that there is hypocrisy and fraud being committed, and that people should know that.

I agree with most aspects of your blog post, but I disagree that white men/women are being attacked at anywhere near the scale you claim. I am a stereotypical white man, for reference.

I think this whining is not much better than the bloviating and crying exhibited by SJWs. In other words, you're close to stooping to their level. The Arrington situation was much more about him being a man than being white (though I am not a MRA).

These frankly insane people should be ignored, not fed with "no you're actually oppressing MY group, not the opposite!" or "well if it's okay for them to do it then it should be okay for me (re: doxing)."

They're parasites. Don't give them more veins to suck from.

He's not "falling for" him, he (probably) is him: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7664621

Thanks for bringing that up, I did not know and it gives me some perspective about the guy.

What about his post now, are his allegations true or not?

ah, so you agree that the content of the article is good -- you just don't like the writer

The fact that you're a weaker version of a Silktail.

In the black sun's light

I am become black rabite

destroyer of knights


Not an appropriate comment for HN.

  >> Be civil. [0]
[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html

You're cherry picking. The guideline, and I want to stress that it's a guideline and not a rule or EULA.

>> Be civil. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face to face conversation.

When it comes to racist, sexist, hatemongers who derive pleasure from causing other people suffering, this is as civil as it gets. I also want to assure you; I would make the same comment in person.

I realised you might make the same comment face-to-face which is specifically why I chose to try to appeal to your civility.

If you're not civil in person or are act differently towards groups of people that look or believe differently from you then good luck to you but you're not a very good human being.

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