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In high school I had 30 casual friends and 15 close friends, at University I had 20 casual friends and 10 close friends, now I have 10 casual friends and 5 close friends, I predict them to reduce to zero when I get married. :(

Married for 6 years. Can confirm. I have 1 close friend now (my spouse), and the rest of my friendships are casual.

Well, interestingly enough, it seems like you lose 2 close friends for every new romantic relationship:


Five years ago I had 20 casual friends and 2 close friends and then I met my wife. Now I have 60 casual friends and 3 close friends - including her. Getting married has been nothing but good for my social life.

It's unfortunate you don't consider your spouse a close friend.

I hope my girlfriend doesn't read this.

I hope your wife doesn't read about your girlfriend.

In high school I had four casual friends, in college I had one, five years after college I have zero. Poor you.

I was at a huge high school, there were 55 alumnus per classroom, and 15 classrooms per generation, my friends at the University were a subset of the ones at high school.

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