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This article is surprisingly light on details, and their websites seem to have few others. Does this mean that Meteor will support SQL databases for the 1.0 release?

It says in the article "the team isn’t so much excited about Fathom’s NoSQL and MySQL capabilities, but about its ability to watch how data changes and then push those changes out to users." At the moment meteor polls the db every 10 sec to see the changes which isn't very efficient or does oplog tailing if your mongodb has replica sets enabled, which can be much better for scaling (though more expensive/or more work). However, oplog doesn't really work for other dbs, i.e mysql,so I'm guessing FathomDB has been working on a better implementation then simply polling over the last couple of years. My guess is that they will try to abstract out the db layer, which is really tightly baked into meteor, so more dbs can be supported, though I think that will prob take quite a bit of time since its not in v1 release plan and they will most likely need to change how their packaging system works and some of their core system.

I hope that to be the case as well. The way the data model works is pushing data updates back to the client through the mongodb cursor and this db solution should be able to provide that data update functionality

Experiments with Redis and other databases have been done, so SQL support will almost certainly arrive at some point.

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