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There are a lot of paths to Universities.

What the German education system recognizes is this: not everyone needs to go to university. There are lots of other satisfying career paths.

personally I don't think universities is only for career ! people get more socialize ! get more experience ! and get more mature.

You can socialize and mature on the job too. I dislike this idea of University being some theme park for young adults where they can pretend they need some more maturing before they will become real adults.

Nobody is giving slack to kids who did not managed to get to college. They are expected to be mature. I'm pretty sure college students are as capable as them.

There is an element of that. University tends to throw you into a group of people from different backgrounds (at least, compared to school) and forces you to live fairly intimately with them.

The same can be said of almost anything that young adults do. Entering the working world is certainly a maturing experience, and I don't necessarily believe that 4 years of higher education is better in that than 4 years of labour.

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