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It's useless to send most criminals (especially minorities with 1/3 jail ratio) to community colleges. Majority of them could not even finish high school and still read at fifth grade level after graduation. It's a noble idea but unfortunately education is not for everyone.

The only result of sending unprepared people college, will be making college less safe and destroying quality of education for kids who are prepared for college.

This is the kind of attitude that makes it very difficult for someone who has made a mistake in life to recover from it. Nevermind the fact that the laws & bias application of them leading to many arrests are a mess.


It's the perfect twofer: a credentialism race combined with discriminating against those with criminal backgrounds. And it looks so innocent from the outside, too.

The point is to send them _before_ they become criminals.

Before they become criminals, they fail (statistically) in high school which is already free.

You do realize that the obvious logical conclusion of this line of thinking, is to put "most criminals" behind bars for the rest of their lives -- or to be more economical sentence them to death?

That is only a logical conclusion of that line of thinking in worlds were community college is a prerequisite for all useful jobs or roles in society. We are not in such a world.

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