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Seems like a simple rule. Non-founder CEOs suck.





I really don't think you can call the rule that simple. (Maybe they might suck as product evangelists, but as CEO's they all did a pretty good job).

Actually, the counterexample is Carol Bartz herself, with what she did with Autodesk.

That's not true - there's been great non-founder CEOs promoted from within and great outsider CEOs in history. Actually, you really want one of those in a crisis that your current team hasn't been able to dig itself out of.

First to come to mind is Lou Gerstner, who turned around IBM. I read his autobiography about the experience - crazy stuff. He was up against so much built up gunk and bureaucracy, that only an outsider could've broken.



It would be interesting to crunch some numbers on that. My gut feeling is that the statement isn't true, esp for larger companies and companies that for whatever reason require some sort of significant restructuring. The unwillingness to kill your darling and all that.

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