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Show HN: Valcu – DIY Startup Incorporation, Setup and Corporate Management (valcu.co)
54 points by markoblad on Sept 29, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Looks really awesome. Why is it typically so expensive to incorporate and more importantly, how have you made it so cheap?

Also, for companies that are LLC's, can they still use this to convert?

@rcarrigan87 Thanks! I spent 6 years doing this at Gunderson for lots of successful startups. Passing Word documents around is a terrible process--it's manual editing, manual file system updates, manual redlines, manual emails and project management, repeated every time something changes. Though legal advice can't be automated (and we certainly don't provide legal advice), these other things can :)

Though we don't have them yet, I'd love to automate many of the pieces of LLC conversions.

This looks pretty awesome! Pricing is definitely a plus here.

It's not in your interest to game HN with votes and comments. It leads to penalties and makes your post less likely to get attention. It's much better to just let your hard work speak for itself. A small number of reposts is ok if it hasn't had significant attention yet.

Thanks dang--we're very excited about the launch, simplifying the tools and of course would love all of my friends to see it on HN. Nothing funny.

Thanks @mliso -- we're really aiming to simplify the process and automate as many of the menial but time-consuming things as possible! We'll be launching the cap table next :)

That's nice really nice!

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