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haha, knew I was gonna get called out on that one! That is super interesting and spot on in my case. Would love to see your talk.

When I got to that part of the article I stared researching bitwise operators to try and give a short explanation. I couldn't sum it up well in the voice I wanted to. So I decided to just say, "I don't know, and that's OK." I try to write in a way that's accessible to people that are maybe newer at programming. Maybe without a CS background, like me. With this, I felt like there would likely be so many new concepts, that it would help to leave one out that wasn't essential to building the example.

For my next post I should research and write about bitwise operators.

I also do not know what a linked list or binary tree is, but I'll certainly take the time to learn about them in the future.

Thanks for reading it and commenting.

I've already written a response to you elsewhere on this, but wanted to add here that I don't think writing about bitwise operators here would have made much sense. What struck me though was how you didn't just hand wave through it, but actually admitted you weren't au fait with them. I think this actually makes the content more accessible and could encourage readers to go and learn for themselves, never a bad thing!

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