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Cheeky bugger ain't you? "Had you paid attention"? "As I gain experience"? You mean on top of the 20 I already have, and which I clearly used to better effect than yourself as I'm not still rolling around believing the DDD Blue Book is the be-all-end-all silver bullet of software development. I took it on board, and kept some of its ideas in my toolkit, but really it is a book all about over-engineering for those that don't know any better. Domain modelling gives the impression of UML diagrams and all that lark, is that you? It isn't me. My domain models are honed over time as the project evolves. You act like domain models can't be done in FP. My domain models that I write in F# are sodding impressive and they only use a quarter of the lines of code required by Obj-C, Java, C# and similar ilk.

HOM? Don't make me laugh. It's just more shit for the objective world to work around limitations of the languages. A message is just an object that can be and queued somewhere, and potentially serialized. That's not special.

- Loves dynamic languages. Check. - Loves OO. Check. - Loves DDD Blue Book. Check. - Invents "new" programming design patterns all by himself believing he is the sole inventor. Check. - Dabbled with an FP language in '89 and hasn't touched FP ever since. Check. - Created his own shitty programming language to try to improve upon OOPs limitations. Check. - Dares to talk down to anyone more experienced or that disagrees with him. Check.

Yeah, I wouldn't employ you either.

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