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AFAIK bash is the default terminal shell in all Ubuntus. So yeah, you're affected.

The attack isn't against terminal shells. The biggest risk is against things that use the shell implicitly like system()/popen()/etc and they all use /bin/sh

It's certainly possible to be at risk if, for instance, you had a CGI script that was specifically written in bash (i.e. starts with "#!/bin/bash") but that's a lot less likely.

So definitely patch your Debian/Ubuntu/etc machines but do your Redhat-based ones (and other places where "/bin/sh --version" indicates that it's bash) first.

It seems arbitrarily risky to say, effectively, "My bash is vulnerable, but it's OK because it's unlikely to be called due to the defaults being Something Else" -- that might be short-term reassurance, but it sure sounds safer to fix it even if you don't think it can be exploited.

By default I mean that new users are given bash as sh by default, including the users for daemon services. So unless you assigned a different shell, or the service specifically asked for a shell other than the default linked by /bin/sh, then they will be running bash.

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