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EDIT after OP's edit.

Sad. This situation feels kind of a disaster-relief thing; not a good time to think about monetizing it. Still, I do understand you don't want people thinking you'll always be protecting them from everything even if they don't pay.

EDIT2 after clarification downthread, previous edit is to be disregarded.

It's less about trying to monetize it than about the cost to us of suddenly inspecting every request that goes through us. We service a huge volume of traffic and part of our core value is performance so keeping our processing latency is low as possible is important.

(Note: I removed sentence about CloudFlare pricing from previous comment to avoid any confusion about monetization)

Fair enough; that's what I meant when asking if it is feasible for you to do so.

Thank you for clarification!

Would it be possible to enable it temporarily to see whether the change significantly impacts your processing latency?

Or do so on a small percentage of free traffic and see how much CPU headroom you still have left.

The monetization has not been put in place right now. It has always been there (the possibility to add these rules).

If this is a disaster-relief thing-y, CloudFlare should then be eligible to receive government money later. I doubt that would be even considered by any parties.

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