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Landing Page in a Day – Get a custom landing page that converts (landingpageinaday.com)
76 points by studiofellow on Sept 25, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 50 comments

$1000 is a huge amount of money for what looks like a very basic landing page. In my opinion it would be better to just shell out $150 for the designmodo's startup framework, http://designmodo.com/startup/ and spend an afternoon tailoring it to your needs.

$1000 is a large amount of money to pay for a zip file with some HTML and assets in it. However, it's a heckuva bargain to get a really competent and well performing landing page for that amount.

This isn't entirely abstract either, most the sites that would hire out something like this would make that money back in a couple days if he was able to bump conversions up even slightly.

I don't think that $1000 is to much for a service like this. Having worked with many non technical founders I know about their pain of finding someone who builds a landing page for a reasonable about of money.

I also know quite a few solo founders with a technical background who have pretty shitty landing pages, even though they know (technically) how to build one and/or extended one from themeforest. They just forget about white space, proper padding and stuff, but hesitate to hire a designer for a day.

I wouldn't have an issue paying $1,000 for a landing page, but I do have an issue paying $1,000 for a landing page where the developer only devotes a single day to learning about my business, understanding the problems we're solving, writing copy, designing, and coding.

I'm looking at the before and after example, and there are just a few words changed, previous headlines enlarged and colored, and a call to action at the very bottom. Yes, those are positive changes, but for $1,000 I'm expecting someone to bring far more to the table than a few minor tweaks. If you're asking for a premium price, I'm expecting a premium service.

Assuming a day means 8 hours, that's only 125/hr, which is right in line with what many contractors make already. Hardly premium.

Assuming yours is the only page he is working on. He really might have dozens of projects going at the same time.

Right at the bottom he mentions that only 15 slots are available, first come-first serve. So he blocks out each day for a single client.

I recommend you the WordPress version http://designmodo.com/startup-wordpress/, take a look to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTN4xvzHUsM

I also sell the framework I use for the landing pages separately here: http://cascade.io

It provides more style options than designmodo's and fewer components, but I think they are both great options.

This can often times be summed up as a value-prop against opportunity cost and ROI. Do I have the time to create this page vs. doing something else? What direct return will I get if I spend $1000 and get x% increase?

I would like to create a landing page service using your landing page in a day service. When you design my landing page service page, please make it read "Landing Page in Half a Day". The cost will be $999.

I've found that landing pages are less of a design issue and more of a messaging issue, although having something attractive is certainly nice to have. If you're largely taking existing headlines and making them look nicer, you're missing greater opportunities for improvement.

I also don't think saying you get 10% - 17% conversion rates resonates at all. A lot depends on what you're optimizing for. I have landing pages that can routinely convert 70-75%, but that's a first step optimization for click-thru, not sale. I think it's best not to pigeon-hole yourself into a range and instead just say "I've increased conversions by x%".

Thanks for this—very insightful. I do include copywriting. For the case study, Justin already had copy that was in great shape. Other clients might not, so I'll provide writing from scratch in those cases.

As for the conversion rates, totally agree that the metric I shared is somewhat vague. Every project has different goals, and sometimes even a fraction of a percent is a major win, such as with major display advertisers.

Also, your point about showing the increase in conversions for my projects is way more powerful. Unfortunately, since this is brand new, I don't have better data to share. Hope to have some soon.

Sorry, but the metric isn't vague, it's bullshit. You can't promise a conversion rate. Probably not even a conversion improvement, since the people you're targeting won't have enough traffic for testing. I'd stay away from making such claims if I were you. Making nice, clear landing pages with good copy is a good enough value proposition for people who suck at writing and/or building websites.

$1000 is a a huge amount of money to pay for a landing page when you can just buy a template for $5 (or get one for free?) and get a similarly nice-looking page in more or less the same amount of time, no?

I like the idea of offering the service for a flat fee. The "before/after" section is cool, too - although it reminds me of the "lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks" ads I see on Facebook :-)

This is productized consulting at its best.

Sorry to say but everything about this website feels cheap and generic to me: from the font to the use of huge font-awesome icons, to the texture in the background; to me this page looks like it's from 2012.

"Sound too good to be true? I wrote and designed this very landing page you're reading in 1 day."

Yeah, I can tell. It's impossible to create a design that will stand on its own in a day, if only for the fact that you need to have looked at it for so much longer than 24h (which is probably more like 10h) to have any kind of perspective on what you've produced. And, frankly, I feel like somebody who's been doing this for 10 years should know this.

To me, this whole thing just reads as an easy cheap hack for this guy to make more money.

I see what you mean - although given my poor landing page design skills pretty much anything looks good to me.

Can you give an example of a decent landing page?

Check out land-book (http://land-book.com/).

I honestly think products like OP's (original OP...) degrade design as a profession. It takes much more time than a day and much more than $1k to properly design a landing page. You not only need to understand the brand (or help build it in some cases) but the language and tone of the business (even in larger companies that have a tone already you still spend a considerable amount of time on this). You need to bring the essence of that product into an easily digestible 'frame'.

The design of OP's site tells me that they think design is something that can be done hastily and with very little information.

I love this landing page: https://www.myvessyl.com Also: https://www.apple.com/mac-pro But those were not made in a day :)

The entire bootstrapped startup ecosystem is starting to feel very used car salesman/infomercial to me.

Everyone talks about how successful their startup is selling books on how to be successful in startups to hopeful startup founders....

Another ebook? really? and +$200 for the video supplements.

All of the work on this site looks like it was done by someone with less than a year of experience in design.

This could just be my opinion, but you're selling custom design and using Courier New as your type - that's not very convincing. After browsing your other pages I was convinced you could design, but I would not have guessed that from this landing page.

Looks like a great idea. All the best with this!

There's something incredibly meta about this that I love.

This does seem useful though. I've probably underestimated the impact a landing page can have on idea validation and conversions.

Can't read the text at bottom "I wrote a popular design ebook, and write a weekly newsletter to thousands of subscribers." Green of green, and hover that link is white over light green...

Great stuff anyway, but the price put me down, at least for me, but I don't usually pay for nothing. I'm a bad customer (:

Pretty sure $1k doesn't buy the in-depth product understanding that is required for a good landing page.

This is pretty awesome. I would love to see some of the work you do from this.

UI programming is different from UX design. If it is just programming 1000$ is too much, there are lot of other alternative options. If it is UX design I think lot more effort involved than you are assuming.

What would really sell me is if there was some hardcore copywriter/marketer behind it as well... that coupled with your great design skills would sell me!

Sorry if this was unclear, but I do include copywriting & marketing advice in the project.

So many comments from people who clearly did not even read your page! The subtitle states "I'll WRITE, design, and code a custom page...", and the very first paragraph describing your offer states: "I'm an expert COPYWRITER and designer, and I want to help you...".

Don't let the ADHD crowd get you down. Beautifully done.

An expert copywriter would know he has to optimize for the "ADHD crowd" (which is about 80% of people on the internet), for example by mentioning he provides copy in at least one of the subheads, instead of keeping his head in the sand like you suggest.

for example by mentioning he provides copy in at least one of the subheads

I repeat:

The subtitle states "I'll WRITE, design, and code a custom page..."

keeping his head in the sand like you suggest

Where did I suggest that? So many dramaz. Jeez.

I don't think anyone can get quality copy in 24 hours. Research alone takes weeks.

"jQuery, the JavaScript framework"



I think what you're trying to say is: the page says jQuery is a framework, when really it's a library. Frameworks have more structure (Angular, Backbone, etc), and JQuery calls itself a library...

Author might want to fix that.

Heh, good point. Fixed. The explanation is obviously intended for non-technical folks, so the distinction is probably lost there, but I do want to be correct.

isn't 1k too steep? With weebly and other similar apps, its much easier for non developers. For developers bootstrap themes are on a rise?

This site has a pretty good landing page.

I'd wager it doesn't have >10% conversion however...

It's a site offering a $1000 product/service. I'd love for you to name a single company pitching this rate that does get 10% conversion.

Context: this is a site claiming to create landing pages with said conversion rate in a day. Landing page itself was designed in a day.

Additional context:

> My landing pages convert at over 10%. Even as high as 17%.

I'm still seeing the old design: http://productpeople.club/

To be honest I kind of like the old design better than the new one.

I just sent Justin his new design yesterday. So, can't really blame him for not having it online yet. :)

Justin is you buddy right and not your client? Did you actually spend only one day on his page and charge him too?

Nice. I wanted to say that the contrast of the green bg to white fonts in your graphicbox is a bit sore on the eyes.

Like a bespoke Launchrock. Whatever happened to Launchrock? Oh, it got acquired by a company I've never heard of. Moving on.

Neither your site nor the 'Case Study' contain a privacy policy and both use Google Analytics. Both are in breach of the TOS which is problematic, especially in pro-privacy jurisdictions (like Germany for example).

From their Terms of Service at http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html the language is crystal clear "You must post a Privacy Policy and that Privacy Policy must provide notice of Your use of cookies that are used to collect data. You must disclose the use of Google Analytics, and how it collects and processes data..."

I'm surprised by the number of sites that ignore this. I wish you good luck with the product launch but privacy and legal compliance are hot topics lately and I think you should consider bring your site, and especially your client's sites, into compliance.

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