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Neither of us are lawyers (as far as I know), and I assume you have legal counsel for a business like this, and I wish you luck in your business and hope it doesn't come to anything legal.

Actually I hope even more it does come to something legal and you win, because I'd love to expand and make concrete fair use rights for scraping. I like scraping, scraping is both fun and very useful for the business domain I work in, and very frustrating when content providers don't allow it by either terms of service (which may or may not be legally enforceable if you haven't agreed to them, it's unclear, but scary enough with all the CFAA over-enforcement) or technological protections.

But I think you're being disingenous about the difference between a bot and an interactive web browser, I think it's pretty straightforward to most people and will be to the courts if it comes to that.

Interestingly, the latest enhanced Amazon anti-bot protections I ran into say "To discuss automated access to Amazon data please contact...", but don't explicitly try to say "you are forbidden from automated access."

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