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The popular show "24" in its most recent season made the express decision to demonize hackers and glorify the use of drones in combat. I implore you to watch the first episode of the last season, where a masculine Jack Bauer is depicted breaking a pale, radical-looking emo hacker out of an underground torture facility in Britain.

Minutes later, Bauer expresses disappointment with the hacker for aiding WikiLeaks. I'd love to pretend they really are losing their creative edge, but the average person tacitly accepts the messaging without question. It's product placement, pure and simple. The psychological seed is being sown.

Who better for the NSA to depict in the "Tor Stinks" slides as the enemy than a 20 or 30-something Tor user: http://media.bestofmicro.com/L/8/403820/original/nsa-tor-doc...

This is why you need to start telling everyone you know to use Tor. If you're capable of getting people to use your shitty consumer applications then you can use your skills to get them to do the right thing.

Funny, I've been binge watching all seasons recently. It's entertaining and pretty well executed.

And it's so obvious and effective propaganda material (and they made 9(!) seasons of it to keep these brains washed) - produced following "Fox News" guidelines, one would conclude.

The central and repeated message is:

1. Terrorists are everywhere

2. Total surveillance is therefor necessary and must be reinforced, not cut back

3. Torture is not nice, but it mostly works and must therefor be maintained

4. Leaking of classified information is in any case a serious crime that can never be justified

And then, we wonder why approximately 50% of the US population think Snowden is a traitor.

It's a television show.

The Century of the Self

Bernays Propaganda

Surely professionals in other industries haven't studied this for decades, or have they?

More than half of American TV shows are produced by the intelligence agency. Hollywood has been a velvet glove for a long time ..

Didn't any of you wonder why season 4 of Community was so bad? Wake up, sheeple!

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