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The tutorial was quite excellent. Unfortunately I get stuck at the "zooming" portion. Pressing ctrl+[ does nothing for me. (Firefox 32.0 on Ubuntu 12.04)

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. It might be related to the fact that Ctrl + ] is also the keyboard shortcut to nagivate back in firefox [1], so when I try it I end up going back to the previous page. Ctrl + [ does nothing.

Or it might be that in my keyboard layout, [ and ] requires pressing RIGHT ALT + 8 and RIGHT ALT + 9, respectively.

[1] https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/keyboard-shortcuts-perf...

PS: Indeed changing the layout to en-US fixes the problem, but that not a real solution.

That's odd. I wasn't aware of that shortcut. It also doesn't work for me (and my layout is already en-US AFAIK)

Do you have some time to show me over skype? We've done extensive user testing, but may have missed a few bugs. Email me at serge@parsehub.com, skype id is t.sergiu

More than a bug, maybe you should be look for more universal key binding. On my European keyboard I have to do AltGr-5 to do a [ and Ctl-AltGr-5 is not what is supposed to.

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