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Thanks! Pushing a fix now.

Edit: Fixed

The website looks really interesting and very useful if it works like in the demo.

My only issue is $79 / mo starting plan looks a bit steep for casual development (I know there is a free option) but if you want to attract more buyers i think something like GitHub's pricing would be really attractive for prospective buyers like me (something like $22 / month for 10 private projects with 10 pages / min). Just a suggestion in case you're looking for feedback.

Didn't find an email in your profile. I'd love to discuss with you further. Can you email me at serge@parsehub.com?

thanks! I've sent you an email. Also couldn't figure out how to use select boxes, radio buttons, or fill a specific text field on the page. The "expression" page in the doc is also 404. I guess you must have too much on your plate right now, so all this is just fyi.

Agreed on this point. The automatic IP rotation is one of the bigger features I think.

Unlimited scraping at https://scrape.it is $20/month which has no restrictions in how many projects you can create or how many pages you can scrape.

A fix is on the way!

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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