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That's a valid consideration. If the Apache configuration file is difficult, then choosing something else might make sense. I'm not saying everyone should use Apache. I'm saying that almost no one should be using performance as the metric by which they judge web servers.

Though, while we're on the subject, it's a little too easy to configure nginx in insecure ways, and several configuration examples on the web exhibit pretty bad practices. But, on the whole, I agree that nginx is pretty easy to setup and maintain, and it is a great piece of software.

It's interesting that folks have interpreted my comments to mean people shouldn't use nginx and should always use Apache. I've never suggested that (and, I find it funny, because I was the biggest proponent of adding nginx support to the control panel software I work on). All I've said is that I recommend people not choose their webserver based on performance, because they're all (Apache and nginx in particular, and the one OP posted about) fast enough for the vast majority of websites and environments.

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