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From a recent Oxford Economics study sponsored by SAP/SuccessFactors:

"As the economy evolves to a state where nearly everything can be delivered as a service, companies are increasingly tapping external expertise and resources they need — and on an as-needed basis — to fill skills and resource gaps and to accommodate rapidly changing business and customer demands. That means more temporary staff, more consultants and contract workers, and even “crowd-sourced” projects. In fact, of those companies surveyed as part of Workforce 2020, 83 percent of executives say they will be increasing the use of contingent, intermittent or consultant employees. " (Source, Workforce 2020 study, Oxford Economics, SAP)(http://www.successfactors.com/en_us/lp/workforce-2020-insigh... - need to register to download)

I laughed when I first heard the term "contingent labor". We all know that companies like Uber, and a whole host of companies that rely on contractor drivers/deliverydrivers will be the first to buy self-driving cars. That Uber would tout their job-creating function is pretty low. They would love to cut out the drivers and run 24/7. The sad part is, engineers could probably figure out optimizing algorithms that would make the service better if it didn't have human drivers, and maybe even cheaper.

I haven't reached the point yet where I give up on these kind of services, but its close. I feel badly that we aren't coming up with jobs as fast as we are coming up with ways to get rid of them.

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