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Rebol is dead. The closed source is not maintained and was released as abandonware.

A few people have tried to keep it going, there is even a version for Android, but there have been no commits for over a year.


Rebol 3 ("alpha version") is open-sourced under Apache 2.0 license; most recent commit is dated Mar 04 2014; not quite yesterday, but certainly not "over a year ago". See:


As to Red, it is a totally separate project, kinda rewrite from scratch of Rebol (started when Rebol 3 was still closed source and seemed dead), and although still not complete, looks very lively:


-- see also the pretty status/completion tracking graphs for Red at:


Not dead but development as become fragmented.

The main Rebol repo (https://github.com/rebol/rebol) keeps getting blocked due to a lack of stewardship :(

At some point this will be fixed. As a stop gap Rebolsources was created and was used by community to filter changes through to main repo. See https://github.com/rebolsource/r3 & http://rebolsource.net/

There are two other versions maintained by two commercial entities:

* Saphiron - http://development.saphirion.com/

* Atronix Engineering - http://atronixengineering.com/

Both are fixing/improving Rebol 3 whilst also developing the R3-GUI (Saphiron work on Windows version while Atronix ported it to Linux desktop).

Unfortunately the Saphiron development isn't kept public so the repo (https://github.com/saphirion/saphir) isn't up-to-date. Atronix is probably the best place to look at this moment (https://github.com/zsx/r3). The last commit was only 6 days ago.

Oh. Well, that's 4" of shelf space I can free up then.

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