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I used to make music with Reason, originally purely for the music itself but later on for video games. You can listen to it here (http://nil.cjb.net/music/), some of the later tracks are actually present in video game competition entries. Occasionally I tried Ableton Live but the interface really bothered me and I could never get anything of the same quality out of it. I lost motivation/time to create more music at about the time I was trying to transition from randomly banging stuff out into imagining a song and then actually trying to make it. The random process was easy but ultimately frustrating, as it yielded something good only about 1 session out of 5.

I have zero music education, and I can't play an actual physical instrument. When I was a kid, I hated most music and complained that rock/rap/etc all sounded the same. I only really enjoyed classical music or music from videogames, both of which were entirely instrumental. I can't understand lyrics in songs 80% of the time. I am tone deaf (probably not medically) and had to learn scales because I couldn't tell that what I was making was horribly out of key until other people told me.

I get really annoyed if the stuff I make isn't mixed/mastered to sound vaguely professional, and get quite a bit of enjoyment adding and tweaking effects on synthesizers. When I listen to music, I can't help imagining how they created the sounds they did (usually when synthesizers are involved).

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