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edit : I just logged in and noticed that I can upload a song a day on top of my limit, so some of my criticism is invalid. Thanks for the change, and for the advice!

I posted some songs to thesixtyone (http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/nihilocrat/) and wasn't happy with the experience. I'm guessing it's my own fault for sucking, but I do have to fault the site for having a "winner take all" attitude towards artists.

You're in a bad situation if the public doesn't like the tracks you post when you post them. You're practically invisible if you don't get lots of votes immediately, appealing specifically to thesixtyone's community tastes. I don't mean to whine, but I don't see hardly any downtempo/triphop with lots of bumps and thus there's not much encouragement for someone producing such tracks to post on thesixtyone.

To the victors, the spoils, but it's even more humiliating when you're unnoticed and forever stuck at Level 1. thesixtyone is definitely a listener's site (duh) because it doesn't encourage you to post partial songs you are working on and practically no one gives you technical criticism, merely things like "I like it when the song gets heavier in the middle". No one seems to be iterating on their tracks but instead submit only complete ones. Please excuse me if my anecdotal observations here don't match up with any metrics you've put together, maybe I have tunnel vision because I listen almost exclusively to the "dance" and "electronica" portions of the site.

About the Level 1 ghetto, is it meant to encourage us to just start over again with completely new tracks or is that just a side effect?

Even with these reservations, I think thesixtyone is a great music site with a great community.

First of all, I just gave your tracks a listen. I think they are fantastic.

Second, t61 changed the song upload rules a few weeks ago. You can upload one new song a day regardless of your level.

I think the best way to increase your listener and heart count is to be as engaged as possible.

- Create a listener account.

- Join a group. The Electro Freaks would appreciate what you are offering http://www.thesixtyone.com/group/Electro+Freaks/

- Add constructive comments on lots of songs.

I am a hacker and an amateur musician myself. Two years back when I realised that there is no service where you can upload audio and receive community help from the same platform (the only option then was to share your mp3 link on a php BB music forum and the experience sucked), I started http://www.muziboo.com - a social platform for sharing and discussing music. This is a place where other musicians can collaborate with your or offer technical help. Even though, my musical aspirations have taken a back seat because coding for Muziboo itself takes a lot of time, I have a learnt a lot through the community. The best part is the kind of collaborations that happen across georgraphies and genres. Am sure you will appreciate it.

Would love to get your feedback on the site. Please use the contact form (link in footer).

PS: I love t61 as a listener .. esp the fact that music keeps playing no matter what you do .. great interaction design there!

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