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Yes! I'm actually working on transitioning in the next year to a technomad/touring lifestyle so I can focus on music more.

I'm at http://thesixtyone.com/johnnybroadway or http://www.johnnybroadway.com/

To also mention what I use:

- GarageBand for recording through a Tascam US-122 (keep looking at higher end ones, but keep putting the purchase off... :) - Guitars mostly direct input w/ GB's built-in amps. My stage amp is a Fender Blues Jr. + jamman looper and a few other pedals... - Vocals through an Apex 460 condenser mic - Drums mostly electronic or sampled, with a V-drum lite for playing

I've also got a bunch of random stuff I can break out as needed, shakers, tambourine, ukelele, banjo, harmonica, etc. I also got a little nanokey keyboard recently and wanna get the nanokontrol next since I bought Ableton suite recently to play with more electronic sounds.

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