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"[Yahoo] will have raised nearly $8.3 billion through the offering"

If I'm reading that right Yahoo stands to triple their cash position almost overnight which today stands at around $4b.(1)

Given Marissa Meyer's appetite for acquisitions this puts them into a potentially interesting new ballpark of scale.

(1) http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bs?s=yhoo

You would have to consider the after-tax amount, which is going to be a bit less...around $5-6 billion.

They could buy an Instagram or two.

They should buy Buzzfeed

This a pretty solid recommendation. Mayer has pivoted yahoo strongly towards content and BuzzFeed is pretty much the most solid content start up out there right now. It sounds like an obvious purchase.

You judge a merger by how the combination will unlock new value. Just because the business models are similar doesn't necessarily mean it's a good acquisition. I don't see how BuzzFeed can benefit with Yahoo other than perhaps accessing its ad sales network?

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