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Well, all the kudos should go to Bandwidth.com the primary carrier of of Twilio, Plivo, Google Voice, etc ...

Cool, next time you spend three years and literally thousands of hours bringing a product to market, I'll be sure to assign the credit to someone else

Can you elaborate on the relationship between Twilio and Bandwidth.com? I actually have very little understanding of what happens once Twilio receives an API request.

Bandwidth.com being a wholesale carrier of VoIP services is the primary carrier for Twilio, Plivo, Google Voice, etc...

Bandwidth delivers SMS over SMPP. Initially the MMS launch was due for mid October, seems they launched it ahead of time.

In the following weeks you'll see lots of different providers announcing their MMS capability.

Bandwidth should get the credit for their brilliant work.

Bandwidth are indeed a bunch of bright folks that do good work and we work with them on a number of products, but to be clear we are not reselling their messaging.

Lot of effort by a large crew of committed developers and the helpful participation of our carrier partners are what brought Twilio MMS to market on US phone numbers. Were MMS as easy as wrapping another product in a HTTP request, I imagine it would be a more common offering.

Want to make sure the effort of the Twilio engineering crew is given its due.

Don't forget Republic Wireless as well.

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