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Deep Learning Bibliography (memkite.com)
79 points by amund on Sept 18, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Note that this seems to be a grab-bag of papers/posters referencing "deep learning" from 2014. I'm not sure what this adds over the equivalent Google Scholar query.

If you're interested in very recent advances in machine learning (including deep learning), optimization, I'd suggest also looking at the papers accepted at top conferences in ML, e.g.

ICLR 2014 - http://openreview.net/venue/iclr2014

ECCV 2014 - http://eccv2014.org/

EMNLP 2014 - http://emnlp2014.org/papers.html

KDD 2014 - http://www.kdd.org/kdd2014/index.html (research track)

NIPS 2013 - http://nips.cc/Conferences/2013/Program/accepted-papers.php

inline Show HN: or give ScholarOctopus a shot :) ( http://bit.ly/scholaroctopus ) A pet project that takes papers from these top conferences and embeds them in 2D with t-SNE based on tf-idf L2 content similarity, so you can see clusters of publications - including for example a cluster of deep learning papers if you search "deep".

Yes, I know the bibliography is a bit sparse right now, but we're gradually increasing its coverage. Will also add more annotations to it (per category), e.g. areas where deep learning could be applied but is lightly or not at all applied yet.

A few more resources for people: http://deeplearning.stanford.edu/

When creating deeplearning4j here are some of the papers I referenced: http://deeplearning4j.org/deeplearningpapers.html

Great reading list from a class i took at CMU: http://deeplearning.cs.cmu.edu/

should add the authors & date to the link titles, possibly the publication title too

If you click on the links, there are machine & human-readable bibliographic entries on the same page.

yes but I want to scan for Hinton papers I have missed ... the fact it's backed by bibtex means it should be easy to generate said missing information. A bibliography in the academic sense would highlight those important tidbits of info. Titles alone, especially in a large listing, is not enough for me to make a high level choice on what to read next.

EDIT: I just text searched Hinton and one paper was in that total bibliography, making me think this is not a very scholarly list.

EDIT2: oh its papers beyond 2014 only, makes sense now. It is scholarly, I apologise

Hi, yes, it is only 2014 papers so far, and not complete for 2014, but it is a start.

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