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Wait, what? It's $200 dollars? I spent a good five minutes trying to find the mistake that was showing me that price. Did Amazon learn nothing from the Kindle Fire phone fiasco?

Kindle had always been a no-brainer purchase at a "don't think too hard about it" price point that made upgrading to each new model actually feasible. But two hundred for a higher resolution screen and a $2 dollar photo sensor module? Color me confused.

I clicked the link with every intention of buying after reading the comments here, but I can't believe no one mentioned the (hefty) price tag!

In a world where a lot of people get up in the middle of the night to order a $800+ smartphone I think there's plenty of room for a $200 premium ebook reader from the market leader. They still have a very affordable model for sale, after all.

Seeing how attached many people seem to be to their Kindle reinforces that position. I might just have to buy one to see what that's all about.

It could be that the point of pricing it much higher is to make the other one feel affordable and cheap by comparison? Also, this extracts more consumer surplus from the folks who are price agnostic and want the latest and greatest.

The price is based on what people will pay, not what the components cost.

The people who buy this will be existing Kindle owners who can't do without their Kindle but want the existing problems addressed.

Exactly. I ordered the new Voyager model immediately, because my (until today, top-of-the-line) Paperwhite annoys the shit out of me (for one microsecond) every time I turn the page, and because I want a higher res screen while keeping the same awesome readability.

I'd bet a huge majority of purchasers of the Voyager are mostly-happy current Kindle users.

Totally agree with the OP.

I'm not upgrading my Paperwhite V2 at the new price, I likely would have at the same price.

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