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"metabolic abnormalities"

Anyone know if they go into these into the paper? Really want to know what else is in the paper; I chew way too much sugar-free gum.

Most sugar-free gum uses some type of sugar alcohol (e.g. xylitol, erythritol). These are not technically-speaking considering NAS. Their mechanisms of absorption vary wildly and, while in some cases they can cause digestive stress in large amounts, there is no good evidence AFAIK that they have a deleterious effect on gut microbiota.

I chew way too much sugar-free gum.

At first I thought, yeah, this will never be a problem for me, then I realized the only thing I do consume with artificial sweeteners is gum. I do hope the doses are low enough not to be a problem, but I want to know!

Based on the doses they used you'd have to chew multiple packs of gum per day to get the same amount of sweetener.

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