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Show HN: Structr - Next-Generation Data CMS Based on Neo4j (structr.org)
47 points by cmor on Sept 17, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 31 comments

The main website didn't have a link to the docs, but found them here - http://docs.structr.org/ via the blog link - http://structr.org/blog/structr-10-data-cms-on-neo4j-release...

Only the fat Documentation link beside Download on the main screen (center) ;-)

To be fair: we added the button just now.. :)

ok ;)

Sorry to be "the guy", but what unique thing does this do? I see that you build a page by linking nodes together. That is about all I could glean by scrubbing the 45 min talk.

On the CMS side, the page rendering process is a graph traversal and thus very fast (just a couple of milliseconds), and Structr doesn't need any caching of intermediate results during page assembly, so it can render protected/private pages as fast as public ones.

And you can create mobile backends and web apps in minutes, using the schema editor to define a custom data model.

Are there some case studies or examples?

It look pretty cool, but I have no idea what i should do with Structr.

Ditto! I don't have the time to watch a 46 minute video.

The screencast is based on a talk I gave at NoSQL matters in Cologne this year. I know we need to add better videos, but we're just hackers. Will do our best.

This is great. I was just looking at building a conceptually similar backend on Neo4j. You guys have saved me months of work and have allowed me to jump into the meat of the project.

One issue: subscribing to your newsletter takes me to a page with a message in German -- not an error, it's just telling me to click a link in my email, but presumably not the language intended given the site is in English?

EDIT: the email received is also in German.

Yes, we did not yet manage to change the language. Sorry for that, we're working on it!

Thanks for the hint!

EDIT: Now the newsletter registration is in English

Calling this a CMS platform I think is misleading me into wondering what a graph database's use is in something used to "just show content".

It sounds like it's able to do fancy things with rendering pages quickly, but...so what?

The Github explanation says "It was designed to simplify the creation of complex graph database applications" - a generic platform built around a graph database makes more sense.

So my question is - Is this a CMS or a platform for building applications? Is the graph database cool because it can do fancy things for rendering content, or because you can use it to build relationship models for users of applications using Structr for RAD-style dev?

True, it's hard to find the right category for it, so we call it "Data CMS". For some people, the CMS part might just be a nice add-on and the real value is the embedded graph database and the in-graph data model. Many web applications are 80% CRUD-style pages and maybe 20% (complex) queries, so using Structr for the CRUD pages and Neo4j's Cypher for the queries is a perfect fit imho.

Hey, I just created a terminal.com container hosting this product! Feel free to test it: https://www.terminal.com/tiny/2H3UtUvzfi

I suggest to start with in a mini or small container.

Seems like it's trying to do too much. Webdav/CMIS feels dated, let alone for a roadmap. Widget exchange can require a huge community to be worth the effort. However, the performance and data binding really stand out and could have huge value.

Very nice. Alot of Neo4j tools are starting to popup. I'm making a real time framework like meteor too for Neo4j, available here:


Looks great.Are CMSs popular in the Java world? I remember things like Vignette years ago,but it's a bit of a tough environment for competition.

Thanks! Structr is actually much more than a CMS; it has evolved into a Rapid Application Development Platform with a visual schema editor and an integrated JSON/REST server, so it can even be used for database-as-a-service projects etc.

Something from a company based in Frankfurt on the Frontpage! Congratulations guys!

Yeah, thank you! :)

Would be nice to have a demo site set up.

This is not even open-source. Not interested!

Of course it is open source (GPLv3 / AGPL), see https://github.com/structr/structr


It looks like it is open source, but I feel that the structr.org website should talk more about the open source project, and a structr.com website should focus on the business. Right now, looking at structr.org, I don't see anything about the open source project. It just looks like a sales pitch to me.

It is open source, and we changed the frontpage to make it more clear.

Regarding structr.org/structr.com, I agree. We will make structr.com the commercial site in the future while turning structr.org into a site for the community.

And on the sales pitch: It's somewhat intended as we need some commercial customers from time to time, not being backed by big investors.

I should say, the project looks great, and I will definitely be trying it out.

Thank you! :-)

Screencast says it's open source. It's on Github (https://github.com/structr/structr) where it says it's GPLv3, unless I'm missing something.

Duh! I'm sorry, but, please, add the GitHub icon to your other social icons!

Will do, thanks!

Why are you downvoting? I made a mistake, I apologized, my feedback was accepted.

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