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The bit with the checkbox then 2 radios is a bit confusing (chrome/android/nexus 5) - at the start there's no check in the checkbox, I tap and it checks, I tap to uncheck and it changes to a light grey check. That gives the impression this checkbox has 3 States and is really confusing. Worse, when I then tap, say a radio button, it goes back to unchecked. My guess is this is just a focus issue but it's definitely confusing as it is.

I have no idea of why this is happening, I will investigate further

I'm reasonably sure this is because of the light grey check hover effect you have. I can reproduce on Nexus 7/Chrome in exactly the same way. I get the same effect on my laptop by leaving the cursor over the checkbox after unchecking - although then it's obvious because I've already seen the hover state.

My guess is mobile Chrome is using the hover effect to denote selected - which I guess kinda makes sense. I'd probably just disable that hover style altogether to be honest, Bootstrap doesn't use one and I think that's better.

Okay, it looks perfectly fine without it. I thought it might be a nice touch, but didn't see the bug until now.

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