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They give $, $$, and $$$, but that doenst help me know whether or not I can afford them at all. Do they consider 500$ one dollar or 5000$?

Those rough categories adjust as the market for good video adjusts. Currently, $ is about $50K, $$ is $75-150K. $$$ is anywhere above that—we've done broadcast work in the high six-figures range.

That said, when a project with a small startup without much capital is interesting enough (read: first of its kind, first to market, best in class), there are other arrangements to be made. We figure out some sort of equity and/or revenue share with more than half of our clients, where it makes sense to forego some of our markup and other fees in exchange for opportunity to participate in the future success of a product.

Ah! Those are absolutely reasonable, and now I can see why everyone uses you.

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