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Ask HN: What are 5 traits/skills in a great developer evangelist?
7 points by cblock811 on Sept 12, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Hiring a developer evangelist seems like trying to find a pegasus. Other than generic traits like communication skills and 5-10yrs programming experience, what do you think makes a truly great developer evangelist? Any specific examples of people?

1. Should have built developer tools such as compilers, SDKs of some sort, analyzers ..etc. 2. Should have demonstrated experience helping developers - stackoverflow, github, quora 3. Should have a product sensibility and empathy for fellow developers 4. Should be able to quickly suggest improvements to commonly used compilers / languages / analysis tools 5. Should be passionate about making life better for developers in general

Thank you for the insights :)

Jonathan LeBlanc of PayPal, Rob Spectre of Twilio, and Neil Mansilla of Mashery are examples of great developer evangelists.

Here is a list of interview questions to ask a developer evangelist candidate:


Great reference. Thanks for the link!

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