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Maybe I'm not thinking about it in the right way, but I don't see how most of those things signal status (and some don't signal anything at all). Or perhaps I was just too terse in my list. Here are examples of what people might be thinking with some of them:

- To enhance one's body (appear more attractive, muscular, thin, etc): being thin is inherently better than not, so I want to appear more thin.

- Self expression of any number of things: it's important to me that people not kill animals, so I'll be conspicuous in the ways I don't wear leather.

- Aesthetic taste: I prefer the look of the color red, so I'll wear it for my own pleasure.

- Entertainment: keeping up with fashion is stimulating to me, so I'll do it for fun.

Could you expound on why you think these things signal status in some way?

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