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Show HN: Hypermasher – Live streaming of Hyperlapse videos (hypermasher.com)
85 points by torkalork on Sept 12, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 32 comments

It's not live streaming, though, is it? These are recordings. You can't stream something faster-than-realtime live.

Good point! I'm now calling it "a stream of the latest Hyperlapse videos" instead.

This is completely mesmerizing. Seeing these surreal details from people's lives, in near real-time, feels like the intro to an independent film.

That's how I feel too! It's like a strange little window to life all across the world.

Yeah felt the same. The beginning of a documentary about something global and intimate :) Hard to look away, feel like I'll miss a moment forever.

Amazing. Meditating upon time-lapsed video backed by drone music is something I've been addicted to ever since I first saw Baraka. If you like this and you're not aware of Baraka - watch it now, along with its sequel Samsara and the similar Koyaanisqatsi films.

And obviously, the Baraka soundtrack is a magical fit for this stream!

its amazing to me how, by simply by speeding up time, a whole new set of patterns and perspectives is readily apparent. we know they are there, but putting them on a more familiar scale makes them so much more real. i think those movies are so powerful because they zoom out in time, space, AND culture. love those films! good idea using their soundtracks to the hyperlapses- going to try it with samsara's now

This really illustrates the power of music. My first impression was OK this is mildly interesting, but I guess I'll click the music before closing this tab forever. Maybe the hyperlapses got better, but turning on the music made the video mesmerizing. Now I'm hooked. Great job!

This really hits the spot for me. Super pleasant. I could sit here for an hour.

Thank you! That's how I feel too. It's especially fun watching it at different times of day - seeing videos from sunrise and morning commutes on the other side of the world!

Same. I found myself wanting to be more immersed. Maybe the music controls could be hidden or the videos could be viewed full screen.

Fullscreen is an improvement I would like to add soon. It wasn't working well during development because I actually run it with two video players - with the hidden one loading the next video so that the cutover is quick.

The videos are shown at their highest-possible resolution in the window now, though, so at least we aren't missing out on any quality (though it would be great if Instagram allowed users to upload higher resolution source videos).

Beautiful, modern tech art. I've been pretty skeptical of the hyperlapse products, but something like this seems to put it in the right setting/context. Wonderful.

You can find some of the best hyperlapse videos here http://hyperlapse.rocks

Hi HN!

If you're curious about the stack, I included some info on the About page: http://www.hypermasher.com/about.

I'm always up for feedback, too, so feel free to ask questions here or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrewtorkbaker

Great job, I think this is pretty amazing. Super fun to see what everyone around the world thinks is important to capture on film.

Unfortunately, not all browsers play nice with Video.js/HTML5 video and the SoundCloud widget. If that's you, check out the live stream I'm running right now on Twitch!


It's interesting getting effectively a random sample of the entire world's use of a photography app, it's very authentic.

My personal favourite videos are the ones shot out airplane windows, it's a cool idea and they look awesome.

The one feature that would be nice to see added, and would help the curious, is Back/Forward buttons, as there are several clips I would have liked to have linked to and re-watched, while others could be skipped.

I turned off the sound and put on Koyaanisqatsi by Philip Glass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4WlNj1TTqA

I skipped ahead to the 10 minute mark.

Great idea, I love it!

It could be interesting to try fade to black when a track is finished, cut clips on a beat or similar, but I wonder if you can since the sound is played in an iframe.

Maybe it's just my love for Tycho, but this is wonderful.

Maybe I just happened on a few bad videos, but my understanding was that "hyperlapse" didn't mean "regular video, sped up a few notches".

This is awesome and beautiful.

I wonder if it would be possible to preload the next video somehow to avoid the gap between videos?

What the hell is wrong with me that I read the title as "Live streaming of Prolapse videos"?!

I was wondering how you came up with this very simple interface ? Also, how much time did it took you ?

This has been my main project for the past week and a half. Things were slow going at first because I was also learning how to use Node.js well (most of my professional development experience is in Python).

The interface is simple mostly because I am not very good at web design. It is minimalist because I don't know how to do anything else!

I will never look at normal life the same way again.

absolutely shocked i just watched 20 mins of that. wonderfully done!

This is so beautiful.

I found the whole thing creepy....how can anyone find this relaxing?

I like the idea and gave my upvote, but yeah, I found it pretty depressing :-/

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