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Just what the world needed, another way to play Doom. How many more chances are we going to give to Notch before we admit Minecraft was a lucky accident?

You're not giving him any chances. That's not in your power. He's doing things that you can choose to pay attention to or not. If not, he'll keep doing those things.

Why do you feel we as a community or any group of people have to give Notch some "chances" or determine whether Minecraft was a lucky accident or not? I'm sure most people, including Notch, understand that Minecraft success (as all games) have a certain element of luck..

It's the programmer who cried wolf, in my opinion. If any non-famous person did this, it might get a few points and comments, but because it's Notch, it gets 119 points and 61 comments (as of right now). At what point does he use up all of his goodwill and turn into John Romero?

I don't see Notch running around calling anyone his bitch. He's just happy coding, doing what he's doing and not trying to prove anything.

Very zen.

I'll tell you a secret - the world didn't need Doom or Minecraft either, and success is always some part lucky accident.

Wrong on so many levels.

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