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I have big hands and I still agree with you. I hung on to my Nexus One well past its expiry date because of the size of it. Eventually I had to move up and being in the Android realm I came VERY close to buying the Moto X because of its narrower form factor in my hand. In the end I went Nexus 5 but it still feels big to me.

That's why I like the moto g lte. 4.5 is a good size for my hands. Anything over five inches starts to get impossible from one hand usage.

I've still got my Nexus One, though I almost clicked 'Buy Now' on a Nexus 5 today. Mind doing a comparison?

Gladly... for another Nexus One fan. (still have mine, still fire it up from time to time) Off the top of my head so this may not be entirely complete.

What I don't miss:

- "Do I have enough memory to install this? Nope."

- Apps that need new Android versions

- That annoying touch screen bug

- 3G speeds

- all the hacks and mods to get around memory limitations

What I miss:

- the huge notification light... loved that

- being able to use my thumb across the whole screen width

- removable storage (and USB flash drive mode)

- battery life.. my Nexus One could go 2 solid days

I'll update this as I think of more. Of course the N5 is much faster, incredible screen, etc. The above is more personal notes. I haven't regretted the Nexus 5 buy at all... but I do get nostalgic sometimes. Especially when I'm looking for a charger.. like the people I used to laugh at. :)

I went BB Pearl 8100 > Nexus One > Nexus 5. Each upgrade felt stupid big at first, but I got used to them.

N5 is workable particularly if you install a launcher that lets you open notifications other than swiping from top. I also like its keyboard better than N1's - bigger keys do make a difference (though 4.4's keyboard software might also play a role).

You definitely hold and use the bigger phones slightly differently but I've found it's not a huge dealbreaker. And well, N5 screen is beautiful coming from N1.

Don't know about buying an N5 today, though, it's been out for a while. I haven't tracked refresh rumours but I'd expect there to be some.

YMMV of course!

pjmorris: I've still got mine too - I've got all my Nexuses except those made by Samsung as they all broke (wife's too).

Versus the N5, you lose your removable storage and battery, the N5 will feel a bit too big and, though not as bad as Samsungs or the N4 (also LG), a bit plasticky. And for whatever reason they put the headphone jack up top which is irritating. It doesn't come with that nice sleeve nor headphones.

Google does not offer personal engraving on back of the Nexus 5, so no "hello world" for you. No Google-sanctioned car mount or desk dock either, you have to make up your own mind, which is frustrating.

But the screen is excellent, makes you feel on top of the world to have all those pixels. Thin. Plenty of horsepower, plenty of XDA attention, the battery is not horrible but you may end up investing in a cheap portable charger, particularly if you're accustomed to carrying spares with that N1.

It feels powerful enough to really do computer stuff, kind of. Makes you wonder if phones have peaked. Goes nicely with a Chromecast, screen casting and beaming 1080 movies you acquired somehow to your television.

That, and a table of specs you can find elsewhere, is basically it..

Thanks all!

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