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Show HN: Creddle – Paper-friendly web resumes (creddle.io)
225 points by cpcarey on Sept 8, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 111 comments

I really like what I see so far.

One piece of feedback, and I understand you may not have decided on this yet, but it's not clear from the landing page whether this is meant to be free, a paid service, etc. I just get presented with a signup form and don't really have an understanding about whether I'll be expected to fork over payment or not.

Looking at this in the context of somebody's HN project I kept going, but if this were just another site I stumbled across, that ambiguity would make me more like to bounce than not.

Thanks for the feedback, you're absolutely right and I'll make it more clear on the landing page. There might be some new functionality in the future that would make up a paid service, but all of the current functionality is meant to be free.

I agree with the commenter above me. I stopped at the sign up form because I couldn't tell if it was a paid or free service and had assumed I would start getting emails to upgrade as soon as I signed up. The "get started" copy used is a signal to me that I may be able to get started when I sign up but to "finish" I will have to pay. I think you'll get more sign ups if you're more explicit with your language that it is, in fact, free.

I agree, I'll revise the language. Any suggestions for an alternative to "Get Started"? Thanks for the help!

"Free forever or pay for extra features"

It's always annoying when you signup for free stuff and then a year later they remove free completely, basically a bait and switch.

I hate that too. I wouldn't remove the free and put the current functionality behind a paywall, but I'd still want to leave open the possibility of new functionality as paid add-ons if I go that route (like premium themes as previously suggested). What kind of language might be able to support that without being deceitful or vague?

Just add a section under "Is Creddle Right for me?" with "Short and long-term goals for this project." Then write a paragraph or two on why you're doing it, who you are, where you're going, etc. If you're hoping to make it your startup, that's cool. If you're hoping to advertise your design skills, that's cool too.

I'd also put that information on your "about" page. (Only on the about page, if you want to keep it off the front page.)

That's a really great suggestion. I'll be able to clear up as much vagueness as I can regarding the future of the project.

In my eyes MS did it with their Live domains, while Google Apps is still going well.

"Get Started - it's 100% free!" ??

One thing you might consider in the future if you're interested in monetizing is going the Wordpress route and offering the option of premium themes/templates. Have some solid core designs, but also offer some additional options as well.

It's certainly something that occurred to me looking through the options.

Yeah! I do have some ideas for more themes and customization options that could fit under a premium one-time purchase model.

You could probably set up a reseller account with someone, and offer to host people's resumes on custom domains for $x/month.

I never thought of this. I'll look into it, I think it's a pretty good idea!

This is really neat! It would be really cool if there was a way to create resume's off linkedin profiles. So if I were to sign up on your site through Linkedin, I would instantly get to preview what my resume would look like.

In addition, it would be cool if you could identify target companies for a candidate based off their resume and some insights from LinkedIn (using NLP perhaps) and if I could directly apply to sites suggested by creddle as a paid feature perhaps.

You can! Creddle can import some of your information from your LinkedIn profile if you sign up with your LinkedIn account. A few users reported a 500 error on importing which I'm looking into now, so let me know if you also have trouble.

Missed that. You should expose the signup options on the main page (unless you already have and I missed it). I would have signed up if it was simply a matter of clicking to connect creddle to LinkedIn.

I think that would be better too, that's my fault for hiding it behind that extra page. I'll look into bringing those up to the front. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Have you considered taking a JSON Resume (http://jsonresume.org/) as input?

Yes, I was excited when I saw JSON Resume on HN this summer. I wasn't able to fit it in with all of the other things I was working on, but I think it makes sense, especially as more people use it. JSON Resume has more in their standard than Creddle currently supports so there's work to be done too (:

Awesome! We are just doing up a blog post now for http://represent.io who now supports JSON Resume as an export type.

Let me know if and when you do import/export support and we will do a blog post also and list you on the homepage.

Great stuff, I'll be sure to let you know!

Wrote the blog post -> http://jsonresume.org/blog/first-service-integration/ and added the integrations page -> http://jsonresume.org/integrations/

Look forward to adding you

This seems awesome. I keep a copy of my resume online, and I've been doing some applying lately. I inevitably am asked for a resume in a specific format (pdf/doc), once it even specified that it had to be < 200kb in size (which my pdfLaTeX middleware didn't handle). The formats also look clean and professional, and in fact one of them appears to be the one that I use. Definitely signing up for this later today

Wow, this is truly impressive! I would like to leave some feedback of my first experience.

Re-ordering: I could not get this to work as intuitively as it seemed it should have been (likely user error). It would be nice to be able to shift entire paragraphs/columns/sections up/down one column/section at a time, and perhaps a 'delete' button to remove the entire section or a trash icon to drag it into on the side. (I realize that by removing content from a section you effectively remove that section, but only by publishing did I know this)

After I was finished re-ordering, I was not sure what it wanted me to do. I think it just wanted me to continue on towards viewing the resume tab to publish. Perhaps a modal could offer that guidance (save-continue to publish, or keep reordering) When I clicked on the resume tab, JS error popped up asking me to leave or stay on this page like there were unsaved changes.

Again, this feedback I mentioned is likely already considered and taken care of, but my ignorance has got the best of me. :)

So awesome though! Don't take my suggestions/feedback as anything other than compliments, as I am jealous how exceptional you made this!

Of course, thanks so much for documenting your first experience so well. If a UI causes a confusing state for the user, there's work to be done to improve it.

By moving sections up/down, do you mean reordering the "employment" section above the "education" section? Were you able to reorder schools or employment positions?

Lastly, what browser/OS are you using? I've noticed drag and drop act funky in some browser/OS combinations.

Late reply, but I was using Chromium. And yes, I was unable to move the Education above/below Employment, or something similar. When I grabbed something to move it, it would move the highlighted word (within subsection) to another subsection.

Thanks for the reply! Reordering in the content form is only meant for reordering schools within the education section, reordering employment positions within the employment section, etc. Reordering entire sections can actually be accomplished in the resume customizer, where they can be moved up and down, or to diferent columns entirely.

A few other users have mentioned the same difficulty, so I now recognize that it is a point of confusion due to a lack of guidance or clarity in the UI. I will be working on ways to reduce this confusion, and certainly the documenting of your experience will help with improving this part of the UI.

Anywhere for bug reports to go?

If I add many skills to a skill list and attempt to delete the skills, a skill further down the list is deleted instead of the one I am clicking. If I delete all the skills in that list, finish and wait for the "Saving..." dialog, upon refresh half (if not more) of the list that I deleted will reappear.

Also, on that note, it seems counter-intuitive to me to have the check (for confirmation) to the left of the x (for decline to save changes) when dealing with the dialog to add specifics to a group (in my case, skills to a skill list). Many times I meant to save changes, and hit the X on the right rather than the checkmark instead of the check on the right, because for some reason I was stuck mentally with thinking 'confirm dialog on the right'. X on the right is intuitive for closing a window, but less so when accompanied with a confirmation checkmark (of course, opinion)

Linux x64, Firefox 32.0

P.S. tried this in another browser (Chromium), same behavior. Account was effectively broken til I deleted the skill list itself which contained the problem container.

Thanks for the great information. I've caught some odd behavior in the logs just like this and other users have reported it as well. I'm attempting to recreate and fix this right now as it's causing a lot of trouble. I'm sorry for the difficulty it's caused and I'll let you know when a fix is pushed!

Side note, I didn't manage to integrate bug reporting in time (even though I really should have because there are a couple of good, easy options). For the time being, I can give support via contact@creddle.io!

Great work. Clean, clear workflows.

-With the Reorder capability, it took me a bit to realize that the left-side menu had changed to Done Reordering. I was hunting for the Done button at the top and bottom of the page; I didn't expect the menu to change. So maybe add the Done button to the bottom/top or change the color of the left-side menu when Reordering.

-Maybe additional sections for awards, publications, languages, certifications, etc.

-Easy to add skills by TAB+TAB+ENTER but simply pressing ENTER would be nice. So... type the new skill "Ruby", press enter, then the current new skill is added and the user is taken to a blank skill field. (Hopefully that workflow makes sense.)

-If you want to really get clever, perhaps add a way to version resume content for specific job applications, e.g. Software Developer vs Software Consultant vs Software Tech Support. Each of those positions would have some technical overlap but the applicant would do best by tailoring the resume to the specific position.

Thanks for the great feedback! Some other users mentioned confusion about "Done Reordering" as well so I'm looking into ways to make that easier to find. I like the idea for changing the color of the left side menu.

Additional sections are in the pipeline behind bug fixes and improving DOCX support.

I agree with pressing ENTER to add the skill and I believe it can use the same mechanism as is currently being used for capturing TAB. I'll look into adding that soon.

Lastly, versioned resumes are a killer feature requested by a few others that I'm hoping to add in the future.

-Another thought regarding Reordering... what if you leave the UI as is but make it so that clicking on another menu item causes the user to stop Reordering? Effectively, doing something other than Reordering causes the current order to save.

For example, click Reorder, move things around, then click on Summary/Education/etc to finish Reordering. Could also click on Resume (at the top) to finish Reordering.

What I like about this approach is that it removes a click from the workflow.

-Another idea would be to make double-clicking into a content block finish Reordering, and then enter the edit mode, e.g dbl-click to edit text for a job.

Just some ideas... Best of luck.

Thanks! I'll take these all into consideration towards working on a better flow for this

Yes, I looked into it a few years ago when I was working on my own resume. I wanted to customize mine more and I didn't like the page breaks. It doesn't look like it's been updated since then.

Pretty cool, but would be a lot cooler if you were to hire a professional typographer / designer.

I agree. Your themes are very nice (and there are an impressive number of them), but they're missing that last bit of polish a designer could bring. For example, in Chelsea and Marianas, the big text is too big and needs a bit more breathing room.

But I also want to stress that I think this is really great.

Do you mean for hire one for Creddle or hire one to design your own resume? Either way, I've seen some beautifully designed resumes done by professional designers.

Hire one for Creddle, yeah. You have an amazing starting point, just need that little extra (ie. someone who knows The Vignelli Canon backwards).

Yup my design skills can only go so far (: And I'd imagine it would be a fun project for a designer.

Designer here. Would be a blast to work on.

I've designed resumés for friends which HR managers have told me won their attention and priority simply by looking a level of craft and professionalism above the rest. The difference between a self-created Word resumé and one well-designed is exponential, especially in an environment where sensible people dwell.

Let me know if there's any way I can help with this. Cool project.

Built a resume, when I tried to export to docx it gave me an xml file with the following contents:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>1o4ez4ueoao.docx</Key><RequestId>20D1570494140710</RequestId>    <HostId>VdnBAhqGiwEkrJPk9rsrf95eNZFqMih//UuNCMBcLUyt7HhqP0ulrJnlFfwMypQyPqGs+L2iuik=</HostId></Error>
You can find my email in my profile if you need more info.

Thanks for letting me know! I'm investigating this one along with a few others everyone has found (: I'll touch base with you here or via email soon.

Apologies if this is obvious elsewhere, but where can I make my resume a multi-page document? I'm a two-pager myself, but increasing the font size just seems to knock text off the document altogether.

No totally understandable. The biggest limitation right now is only supporting one page resumes. I want to support multi page resumes, but still leave in automatic font sizing, which can get tricky if sections span over a page break.

I have nothing against multi page resumes, I just had to limit my scope.

I hope to add multi page resumes, but I'm sorry to say that for now it just isn't built yet.

Makes sense! Thanks for the reply.

Seems like it's obvious to everybody else, but perhaps someone will clarify—how this is better than hitting Ctrl+P on my LinkedIn profile page? (Except not having to have a LinkedIn account.)

When resume appearance isn't important or applying for jobs is done primarily through online networking, Creddle isn't a good solution.

For the people for whom resumes are still an important part of the job application process, this aims to make it easier to transform your LinkedIn profile page into an appropriate looking resume, improve the design of your resume, or both.

It depends on how you go about your own job application process, and what role your resume has in that.

Thanks for clarification. Now that I think about, I used to care about my resume appearance—I guess since then I've become more pragmatic (and expect from any potential employer the same).

That would look terrible. That's about it.

Not if you hit their export button. It creates a PDF with proper setup. In fact, they did research on default order of information as most commonly requested by recruiters / Hr. I would go as far that for a lot of jobs people hiring would prefer to get a format they know (LinkedIn export is probably known to them). Of c Course there will always be jobs where a custom resume is better, though creddle is not unique enough for that (thing art directions).

Just wanted to say this is pretty fantastic. I have been touching up my personal site/resume lately and wanted something exactly like this.

Will be on the watch for any premium features you add in the future just for the sake of throwing some cash your way.

EDIT: One request. There doesn't seem to be a way to print from the private url. The page itself doesn't seem to be printer friendly nor is there an export button the page. It would be nice to be able for people to view my resume from the link and be able to download a copy for themselves.

Thanks! I'll work to get the print stylesheet onto the private url, that's a pretty important one I think.

Wanted to update you that all resumes on private URLs should now be printable. Thanks again for the request!

Really cool! Is this open source? I'd love to integrate some of your functionality in an app I'm building. Or do you at least have an open API?

Thanks! Creddle is not open source and does not have an open API at the moment. I do have ideas on some portions of Creddle that might be a good opportunity to open source in the future. I would need to separate it and package it up properly. But more importantly, I'd want to build the team up so that we'd be able to give enough attention to whatever open source projects might spin off Creddle. I don't want to release an open source project that is poorly supported because I don't have enough time or help.

I think the same goes for an open API - a poorly supported API can be very frustrating to use. If Creddle and the team continue to grow, I think that these two things would come naturally.

I like it, it seems very easy to use. Not sure what the best UI for this would be, in addition to setting up custom layouts I would love to have the ability to set up customized resumes for individual employers.

My typical workflow when sending out resumes is to start with a single resume, then adjust some of the wording or remove some of the content to focus on what would be most important to my prospective employer.

Thanks! It's definitely something I want to add. A UI for managing content between multiple resumes can get complicated fast, so I'm still working through the UI sketches. But I agree, I think it would be a killer feature.

As an intermediary feature, perhaps a show/hide toggle on each bit of content would allow you to customize the resume without removing the information from Creddle. Then after exporting the resume, you could modify what content is hidden for the next employer.

What do those with other paper formats (hint: A4) do?

I feel bad this never crossed my mind. The formatting adjusts to whatever bounds are set, in this case 8.5 x 11, so theoretically it shouldn't be hard to add the ability to choose a paper size. I'll look into it adding it soon.

I think the designs look great, but it's a bit jarring to see them in a very unfamiliar aspect ratio (also it'd be weird if printed because it'd incur a large margin at the top and bottom).

Are there any recruiters that accept these instead of the standard .doc format?

I get it - it's about 10,000X better than Word format (esp. if you don't particularly like Word) and a 9,000X better than PDF (which I prefer over .doc), but if a recruiter/agency/employer won't accept it in lieue of a Word file, then I'm not sure it has a future.

Any plans to get around that issue?

Yes, so I think that a resume builder that can't export to PDF or DOCX isn't going to last long for this exact reason. That's why I added and opened up the DOCX exporter even though it's still missing a lot of functionality. My hope is that something is better than nothing and a big goal of mine is to improve DOCX exporting over the next month.

I'm not too knowledgeable on the DOC format other than it's a binary format and it's much harder to export to (AFAIK Google Docs can't even export to DOC).

The best workaround I can offer is to export to DOCX, open in Microsoft Word, then save as a DOC. If the DOCX exporting is misbehaving, sit tight, it'll improve slowly but surely.

To expand on the creator's response, all resumes appear to be printable to pdf just as you would print anything to pdf from your browser. I keep my resume as html+css and print it to PDF as needed for this very reason

Looks great! I know the exporting features are in Beta now, figured I let you know they the docx export feature doesn't save a file with an extension, and even if you manually add the extension, an error occurs (on Mac Word 2011) - "The XML file resume.docx cannot be opened because there is no available data view (XSLT)."

Thanks, I'm hoping to make a big push on DOCX exporting this month. This bit of information will help with that goal. It works only some of the time, but I hope it's enough to help some people who must export to DOCX even in its early stages.

So how are you going to stand out by creating a resume that looks like every other resume created on this site?

Creddle offers more theme customization than many other resume sites; themes are a set of customizations rather than a fixed template. Technically you can transform one theme into another.

If you want to stand out, add more customization to the base theme. But I do recognize that customization is still limited and that there's plenty more room for growth. I just hope that it's enough to get started.

BUG REPORT: Under Win7x64 with Chrome Ver 37.0.2062.103 m It looks like the kerning is borked in some instances: http://screencast.com/t/62mt8ipG0

Yikes! That's new, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll look to recreate and fix this up as well.

If it helps, this screenshot shows letter-spacing being pretty funky.


It must be due to something specific to this machine, as I don't see the issue elsewhere when using the same version of chrome.

At the very least I can write something to detect letter-spacing being all whack to prevent this before I dig a little deeper into the root cause.

In the descriptions boxes (e.g. "Is Creddle right for me?"), the hard breaks in the text makes it flow weirdly: http://i.imgur.com/D80JQUK.png

Eww you're right, that was sloppy on my part. I'll fix it. Thanks!

I had an HTML version of my resume in 1995. The printed version looked almost identical to the MS Word version I had at the time. table, bold, italics, break are pretty much all it took. It reflowed quite well too.

"Creddle needs a larger window for rendering and might not work with this size"

A third of my iphone screen was blocked by this message. That alone made it not work for me.

Is it that hard to get things to look decent on a smaller screen?

The landing page will load fine on mobile, but resumes will not and I wanted to make it clear from the landing page that rendering requires enough screen space.

Creddle relies heavily on the browser for positioning sections and calculating font sizes. The work required to get rendering working on mobile isn't trivial and it's not a priority since most people would prefer to type up a resume on a computer.

That being said, there's nothing to say that responsive resumes can't be done. In fact, Creddle resumes are built in Bootstrap with this in mind. Resumes would still be designed on desktop, but exported to be viewed on mobile. I've just found while 80% of resumes might look okay condensed to a single column view on a phone, the last 20% would need some extra formatting decisions specific to mobile to be made by the user, which means designing and building a UI for that as well, so I scrapped it for the time being.

But mobile resumes have been requested by people before and I think it can be done, it's just not a priority compared to other requests.

All dates get shifted one month back when rendered on the résumé. I see that you use some Angular filter called 'utc' to format them, but do you store them in UTC too? Impressive work regardless :)

I did something stupid with the timezones and fixed it this morning. I'll be pushing a patch out with a few other fixes very soon.

Somehow I feel saddened that "paper-friendliness" can be a head-line feature for (relatively) static documents.

Of course that commentary is more directed at the state of web tech than Creddle specifically.

Tooling is some of the issue imo. HTML/CSS actually includes decent functionality for targeting print in addition to desktop+mobile (not perfect, but quite decent), but the print-centric parts have fairly poor support in most tools. Afaik the only tool that really nails the print-centric parts of CSS, and produces good-looking output, is PrinceXML. It's a good piece of software, but having only one working implementation, which also happens to cost $500/seat for desktop usage or $3800/machine for server usage, isn't an ideal situation for an open standard.

The second-best seems to be http://wkhtmltopdf.org/, which is more or less a headless wrapper around WebKit's renderer. But since WebKit puts most of its development effort into interactive/screen usage, the quality doesn't match PrinceXML yet (though it's improving). As a result I think it's still more common for people who need good-looking, open-source PDF output to use a LaTeX workflow, even where an HTML one might otherwise be more natural.

Not being defensive, but I'm actually curious about why it made you feel saddened, because maybe we share the same thought.

The headline "paper-friendly" comes from my frustration with other resume building web sites that I've tried over the years that want to reinvent or replace the resume, to the point where I'm not comfortable using it as my own resume.

I built Creddle in the hopes that people will feel comfortable using it as their actual resume - for me that meant printing it out on paper and handing it recruiters at the career fair. That shouldn't have to be a headline or a feature for a resume builder.

Is this maybe what you were trying to get at with the state of web tech?

Perhaps include a way to auto-size/auto-space the resume so it can fill an entire page? I'm early in my career, and my content doesn't quite fill the entire space for most themes.

The auto-sizing can be hit or miss since it keeps font sizes relative, but there are still a few tricks that you can try. I can suggest trying the following: increase padding (under "Resume Layout"); increase nameplate and section header font sizes; use vertical configurations for the nameplate, contact, and/or skills sections; configure "Employment Details" to use more rows instead of columns.

That's what I can think of off the top of my head. Experiment with one column vs. two columns as well - hope this helps!

How do you generate PDFs? Is this HTML and CSS at heart? I'm trying to do the same with a resume of mine but haven't found a good tool for doing so.

So Creddle doesn't natively export PDFs, but rather relies on the browser to print the page as a PDF. At the very least, the site exports the resume to static HTML during this process in order to strip away unneccessary attributes and elements before printing.

It's a short-term solution. If I can recall correctly, I tried both wkhtmltopdf and PhantomJS and was able to succesfully export maybe 60-70% of resumes properly. But I ran into numerous differences with fonts and spacing that sometimes caused weird page or section breaks. I ended up scrapping that method in favor of working on DOCX exporting, because at least there was some method of printing a PDF, even if it was a workaround.

I do want to go back and re-explore PDF exporting, but other requests are taking priority at the moment. I do have guided help on printing as a PDF for a few browsers and OSs in the "Help" section.

Not sure how Creddle is doing it, but on my weekend project https://resumejoy.com (basic service is free), I use wkhtmltopdf. It's a little fiddly, but handles webfonts and most any CSS you throw at it.

Generating PDFs programmatically for a well defined problem like that is not as gard as you think. There are libraries to easily generate PDFs in most languages.

How is this different to something like http://nemcv.com which gives a PDF paper friendly CV as well?

Creddle is much more aesthetically pleasing imo, and has a more fluid ui/ux imo, all subjective I for the most part.

Creddle's default themes are far superior, and I am not taking the safe road on this one. fact. :)

NemCV is not designed to be visually pleasing, it is designed by companies to be scanned and understand each candidate in 2 seconds. But I do agree, the Creddle CV is probably nicer for candidates, so it is a totally different market than NemCV

I'll give it a try and report back

I would need word export. A lot of agencies in the UK like to change the CV's of their clients, i.e. remove contact details etc.

DOCX exporting is available right now but it's still very limited. A lot of users have reported issues with it today. But a big goal of mine for this month is to improve DOCX exporting to the point where it works for ~95% of resumes built on the site.

I wish that you could change the section headings and add more sections. More flexibility and I would definitely use it.

You can change the section headings under "Header Value" for each section under the customizer so that "Summary" can be "Objective" or "Employment" can be "Experience", but that's my fault for not making it prominent enough.

Definitely agree on adding the missing sections as these aren't the only things you can put on a resume!

Also really like it. Nice simple neat and friendly. Would be nice to add standard theme such as the europass CV.

That's cool! I'll check it out. I've had one or two other standard themes suggested to me, and I think it could be another killer feature to help make these easier to create.

This is pretty awesome. Are you using a third-party service for LinkedIn import or is it something you built up?

Thanks! LinkedIn importing is done within the app, which is also why some users were running into issues with it yesterday - so many unique profiles to import (: I've made a few patches yesterday, looking to make some more today.

Signed up - this is really neat! If I was running linkedIn premium, I'd be looking to write you a check.

I work at News Corp (Australia) and would love to talk! Please get in touch if you want to take this further

HN readers: when someone says something like this, they're never worth your time. If they really did want to talk, finding an email's not that hard.

It's a strategy investors also typically use to make you feel like you need something from them and set the power dynamic early.

Minor feature request: Instead of selecting from pre-selected colors, a color wheel would be great!

Yes, I think it's a no brainer. I'll put it up on the board!

Nice to see RIT's name on HN :)

The RIT reddit community was very helpful and supportive during beta testing. Glad to help bump up RIT's presence!

Do people really use resumes ? For interviews, I just bring an ipad with my LinkedIn profile...

Resumes are becoming less relevant than they used to be in some fields, but many other people still need them. Take career fairs for example - you still need to bring a hard copy resume to a career fair. Sure the need might be diminished, but the need still exists.

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