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I love Common Lisp; I've been writing Common Lisp at home for something around 7 years. It's fast, flexible, expressive, and deeply programmable.

I won't say it doesn't have its warts: the namespacing and packaging systems are kludgey, and the extensibility of built-in operators is poor. It's a dynamic language to boot, which implies type derivations are often estimates at best (painful sometimes on a poorly tested codebase).

But, Common Lisp, above all that, is an integrated development system which allows live and fluid development. I can't stress enough that it is a deep and joyful technology which lets me achieve more faster in it.

I only wish there were jobs in it. :-/

Not a bad feed, but...

Common Lisp has under 10 employers in the US/CA, as far as I can discern: Clozure Associates, Grammarly, 1? 2? defense contractors in the Seattle region, ITA (now owned by Google), a company in Colorado, D-Wave in Vancouver, BC (Canada), and a handful of very small consulting-type shops. Occasionally there are some university jobs that come up, usually in Boston area.

I've been monitoring things for a while, and the prospects are dim. Suppose I'll just have to run my own business, eh? :)

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