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I'm not attacking the Common Lisp community. If I were, I certainly would not have opened my comments with the idea that the community places a hurdle before itself when marketing the language it loves. And one of the things I love about Lisp is the way in which I share a love for the language with the larger community.[1]

I have nothing against commercial tools. I've spent many thousands of my own dollars on shrinkwrapped bits over the years. That doesn't change the fact that shrinkwrapped bits are continuing to diminish in popularity due to thirty years of Stallmanism running in parallel with nearly thirty years of "greed is good" and even more years of a hacker ethos where spending 80 hours to pirate fifty dollars worth of software is a hobby.

Why care if the Common Lisp community likes me? It don't like most people. It would be foolish to its dislike personally. In fact, why blame them when Hell is other people?

The upshot is that I care enough to say something constructive. I don't wish the Common Lisp community anything but success. I'm not a jaded ex-lover. I hope it meets someone new and that someone turns out to be its soul mate.

[1] Going so far as to coin the term "love song to Lisp": https://hn.algolia.com/?q=love+songs+to+lisp#!/comment/forev...

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