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Show HN: Famous Outfits (famousoutfits.com)
358 points by jadlimcaco on Sept 4, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 201 comments

Very nicely done. If you did this for Indian celebrities, VCs in India would throw eight figure sums to buy you out. As an immigrant, I'd say Americans are relatively more rational ie. not so celeb-crazy as to completely remodel themselves after a celebrity, though teens, especially teen girls tend to be an the outlier in this aspect. But if you look at celeb-crazy countries like India, you have grown men & women in their 20s,30s,40s...who will ape celeb dresses, celeb haircuts, celeb behavior even. I have had the unfortunate experience of sitting through entire 3-hour Bollywood films where all the audience did was take notes on what the lead heroine was wearing so they could go home & purchase those exact outfits.

We are working on "get your favorite celebrity look" section.

This is our new mockup - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18011058/Mockup%2015.jpg

Current site is http://www.JanjuaClothing.com

Please let me know where to find VCs in India who would throw eight figure sum on us.

You glorified it way beyond it is. I am from India and there is nothing like this :-)

> Americans are relatively more rational ie. not so celeb-crazy

....Said nobody ever :)

True. That said, I have no idea who many of these guys are.

Thanks for checking out the site. We are regularly adding celebrities from all demographics. Stay tuned!

Can you back some? I'd love this for some old Steve McQueen outfits

OK, as an older American male, now I'm starting to see the appeal.

For sure. We will definitely be doing some special things :)

>>I have had the unfortunate experience of sitting through entire 3-hour Bollywood films where all the audience did was take notes...

As an Indian I find this strange, when and where did this happen?

I know we are Bollywood crazy nation, and we tend to over do celebrity worship. But going to a movie just to take notes? That's a little going too far.

I'm wondering too. AFAIK the culture of entertainment/fashion channels, celeb journalism and tabloids are much more rampant than US than any other nation, which is confusing too, since I haven't seen anyone pick up those magazines when waiting in line for grocery checkouts :/ Something is not right

Also South Korea and Japan are also more openly interested in fashion.

South Korea and Japan and completely different in term of fashion, it doesn't make much sense to mix them.

South Korea is much more flashy, celebrity-looking like fashion with huge sunglasses.

Yes, but are they similarly interested?

Might be another untapped market for us. Good suggestion.

Absolutely yes.

For sure, we are already planning on branching out to a greater demographic. Thanks for taking a look at the site!

In Italy (I bet more generally in EU) I see more the use case of knowing what a celebrity wears, but have a couple of alternatives to do a good match, without looking exactly the same... food for thoughts :) Great work btw!

That could be an additional feature: allow users to comment on particular items so they can discuss where to pull off the same look for less.

That's a fantastic idea! We encourage commenting on individual outfit pages. Our focus is community at famousoutfits.com. We already working on some new features to make community involvement even better. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the kind words and insight. Why would you say the trends are like that in Italy and EU? Also, how "close" would be a "good match?" We really value your thoughts, thanks again!

I was saying Italy as I'm Italian and by comparison with the parent comment on India. How "close" and what specifically to change is a good question... My requirement as a user would be that I should be inspired by the celebrity that I'm seeing, but I shouldn't feel like I'm copying his style. No idea on how to be more specific, beside doing a test.

Also, by reading other comments, I wouldn't be too strict in finding too cheap matches. Men that like fashion have no problem spending money. (but again, maybe it's just a cultural thing.)

Fantastic idea. I've seen similar sites, but 99.9% of them focus on fashion for women and I felt this market was undeserved for men. I'm not suggesting you maintain only one gender, but I appreciate that you are showing male outfits. Really love the notion of a daily (at minimum) outfit as well. Perhaps, in addition to Facebook/Instagram/e-newsletter, you could add a link for RSS? Keep fighting the good fight, love the site.

There's already an RSS feed setup but will be adding a button on the site. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the kind words about the site! I would disagree that American's are "not so celeb-crazy." I think many American's are very in tune with celebrities. Not just their clothing, but every aspect of their life. Though some people might not want to duplicate an exact look, we feel many are looking to celebs for the latest fashion inspiration. Thanks again!

I agree. This site can definitely be expanded towards European and Asian cultures.

You need to sign up for Viglink or Skimlinks ASAP - the fact that you aren't using affiliate links is literally costing you.

Those services are a single line of javascript which automatically affiliates any outgoing link, and they are perfect for sites like this where you can't waste time trying to maintain affiliate accounts with hundreds of advertisers.

No offense to you, of course, but the fact that sites pop up on HN regularly of this type without affiliate links amazes me.

Don't sign up to either Viglink or Skimlinks.

If you're curating the products and links manually (as this site appears to be doing), then sign up to the 4 or 5 affiliate programs directly.

It's insane that anyone would give away 25%+ of their current revenue and future revenue to save a few minutes work.

Even if you are not curating links and are using user generated content... only use Viglink and Skimlinks as a stop-gap for you identifying your key revenue sources and going direct.

Thanks for the feedback! We agree and are joining affiliate programs to many retailers as fast as we can. Our first focus was to create a great experience for our community. We are in the process of converting our links to affiliate links now. We feel that Viglink and Skimlink's cost does not justify the time savings.

My thought exactly. It is trivial to implement viglink - do it now.

I like the concept - most of these kinds of posts are done completely ad hoc and are distributed across all of the various men's fashion forums - but the URL made me think this was going to be a breakdown of famous outfits worn by characters in TV and movies (e.g. The Driver's outfit from Drive).

Also, most of the outfits you picked are pretty stale. Go for one that are more exciting or with pieces that would be more difficult to figure out.

I've created a site just like this as a side project. Especially relevant with Halloween right around the corner:


And since you mentioned it, the Driver:


Great site! Very creative and well done.

This is cool.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely appreciate it. The reason for these outfits being more "normal" is because our goal is for most people to actually be able to wear these outfits.

But we do plan on doing some crazy outfits in the future. Thanks again!

I feel the same way. I think that "CelebrityOutfits" as a domain would suit the content of your site a bit better. Because when you say "FamousOutfits" It makes it sound like the outfit is famous not the person wearing it. "Oufits Of the Famous" would work too I suppose but it's not as catchy. "FamousX" will probably remind a lot of people of "Famous Footwear" which you may or may not want to be associated with.

I was expecting memorable/recognizable outfits instead of "clothes that famous people wear".

For example:

Pinstripe Suit with hat = Mobster

Red plaid shirt suspenders Jeans and boots = lumberjack

Khaki shirt and shorts = Crocodile hunter

studded leather jacket + jeans/camo fatigues = Punk rocker

matching tracksuit shoes and hat = Slavic youth

Good news is the domain is probably the easiest part to change!

On the other hand, that's a whole lot of extrapolation from the domain that could be cleared up simply by visiting the website. There was a discussion here recently about not spending too much time thinking about your product's name. I don't think it's worth setting up a new domain.

Thanks for chiming in. We think the name is simple and memorable. We were shocked the domain name was available.

Thanks for the feedback. We choose this particular domain because of availability, but we are also currently building out another aspect of the site that will tie into the "famousoutfits" name better than "celebrity".

I own staroutfit.com and celebrityoutfit.com because I wanted to build something similar but never found the time to do so. If anyone is interested in these domains let me know. I think one could build something interesting and profitable.

A couple other naming ideas:

Consider using Star or Celebrity instead and Duds or Getups.

If I were doing this site I'd probably call it "Stylebiter" it's Catchy and could apply to more than just celebrities.

Doh. it's taken: http://stylebiter.com/

I like the "normal", affordable look myself, so please don't deviate too far from that. You got a good thing going.

And I love the site! Nice writing of product descriptions too. If you had an email newsletter I'd definitely subscribe.

We do have an email newsletter. You can sign up on the footer :) Thanks! And we definitely want to keep doing what we are doing with the "affordable" looks.

Thanks for the comments and kind words. We will definitely be adding more "exciting" outfits in the coming days!

Very nice! I just placed an order on the watch that Daniel Craig wears [1] (not because he wears them, just because I like them) and noticed that there is no affiliate code in your links to amazon!?

1. http://famousoutfits.com/dress-like-daniel-craig/

Thanks for visiting the site and clicking through the links. We are currently adding affiliate links. We focused all our energy on creating a great experience first. Thanks for your support!

Affiliate links do not affect my experience. You should add them.

We are in the process. Thanks!

You know what would make this a lot better? Packaging it up so that one wouldn't have to go to 10 different stores to pick the items up.

I'd order straight away and pay a premium to save the hazzle. A logistics challenge for sure, but you'd have at least one customer right here.

Indeed, you can use plugins like http://varinode.com/ that allows customers to make purchase on the site itself.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

Great idea. We've been discussing this how to get this done. It would be a game changer. Thanks!

Pretty similar to what you see in lots of magazines: http://www.instyle.co.uk/fashion/get-the-look

And the celeb style guide: http://www.celebritystyleguide.com/

Thanks for the feedback. We've found most sites like this are focused on women only. It was our goal to create a great resource for men too.

Hey jadlimcaco, one quick feedback: it would be nice if one could filter celebs by height. Looks that work on big tall guys (large hats, long hairs etc) often look really stupid on smaller people like me.

There are a bunch of resources you can quickly scrape to get that sort of data (I know because I've just done it and I got more than 6000 celebs in literally minutes), so if you can find a good way to integrate it on the website, it would be fab.

Another suggestion is, if you go for affiliate links (which you should), it would be nice to have a way to switch geographical zones so that us Europeans can also benefit.

The main scalability issue with this is that the products you've found will quickly go out of stock, so as you build up a collection of outfits you'll face an increasing burden going back and checking all of the products to see if they're in stock (or risk damaging your brand).

I worked on something similar back in 2008. We were looking at ways of monetising our visual similarity engine. We could mark a set of query products for each outfit and return a selection of products that were both similar and in-stock and give the customer the option of filtering by price range or whatever.

There were some nice challenges in there, like processing gigabytes of retailer feeds as rapidly as possible looking for new items, standardising various huge feeds without using up developer time, product deduplication, image feature extraction, designing the indexing method (we ended up using the Visual Words technique with a custom distributed Lucene inverted index as Solr didn't support partitions at the time). It was a really fun project... and I've drifted far enough off topic that I'm going to finish up.

The tech was pretty solid (and replicable if you can get someone decent to do the CBIR piece) but we ran out of runway.

Great points! Thanks for taking the time for the feedback. We are already realizing the problems with constant price and stock changes. So, our focus now is to provide a great daily resource for those who visit the site and subscribe to the daily mailing list. Fashion, seasons, and clothes are constantly going out of style. Even if we did keep up with the prices and stock, some styles would eventually be irrelevant to our some of our community. Also, we have started adding profile pages for each featured celeb. On this page, you can see every outfit we have featured from that celeb. We think it will be neat to see how that particular celebrity's fashion evolves over time. Thanks again!

Isn't that problem self-solving? Who wants to dress like a celebrity dressed last season- you want what they're wearing this season. Keep it up to date, with what's "in" now.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about fashion.

I think the stock would run out much faster than fashion would change. Also, there are probably 4 or 5 retailers selling similar items; you want your affiliate links to spread the load over those sites so as not to kill any of them quickly.

Of course, all this assumes your site explodes and you help sell thousands of outfits per day; which sounds unlikely to programmers, but maybe not for the people who buy all those awful magazines that are more popular than Linux Voice.

Yeah, stock turnover is much higher than trend duration. Any retailer that knowingly let stock last longer than trends would be burning their margin.

Stock is measured in weeks or months but trends can last for years, and recur, and recur, and there's no value in an affiliate link to an out of stock product.

Good point. I don't think it takes a fashionista to realize that, lol.

Like a contemporary version of: http://nerdboyfriend.tumblr.com/

By the way, looking for feedback on design, content, functionality, and overall idea. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks!

Since you asked, something wonky is going on in Chrome on Nexus 7. Your site seems to fall back to almost no CSS, with plain links where a menu should presumably be. No tooltip functionality. It also disables any zoom and defaults to a really awkward level where I can see one side of the clothes images and about half the main picture at a time.

I took a couple of screenshots: http://imgur.com/LFulxvD http://imgur.com/eTgyjwV

I think it was an issue with my CDN. Mind clearing your cache and trying again?

Fixed! That's really really nice, awesome layout - great job :)

http://famousoutfits.com/dress-like-david-beckham/ top, 5: it's next to the jeans; bottom, 5: "High Fidelity Lace-Up Boot" (jeans is 6)

similar problem on http://famousoutfits.com/dress-like-blake-griffin/

Thanks! Will fix this ASAP.

The lookbook collages look and function really nicely. Are you generating them from within wordpress? Plugin?

Thanks for the kind words. The look books are something we created custom.

The site isn't responsive (mobile friendly) on my Blackberry, so I suggest looking into solving that.

Looks good. The clothing tooltips are slightly buggy on Chrome (sometimes they don't appear).

Thanks! Is there a specific example you could give about the tooltips being buggy so we can look into it?

This looks pretty neat and you did a great job with your Pin It buttons. You may wish to consider adding this META:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nohover"></meta>

... to the HEAD of any page that already has a Pin It button aboard. This will tell the Pinterest browser extension not to bother showing hoverbuttons on this page.

Thanks for the kind words. I'll take a look at this.

Great looking site.

Funnily enough, asos.com, which is something like the third biggest UK Internet company now (according to some slightly dubious stats that were posted here a month or two ago), actually started out with a similar premise: they don't mention it much these days (a tiny link in the footer which leads to a page looking like it needs a bit of love [0]), but the acronym originally stood for "As Seen On Screen", and you could buy near-replicas of clothing worn by stars both on and off the screen. Back when I was young and impressionable, I bought a leather jacket much like one of the ones Brad Pitt wore in "Fight Club".

[0]: http://www.asos.com/asos-as-seen-on-screen/cat/pgehtml.aspx?...

> Back when I was young and impressionable, I bought a leather jacket much like one of the ones Brad Pitt wore in "Fight Club".

That's extra funny because his character in that movie more or less directly argues against such behaviour!

That's awesome! I had no idea. We actually link to some of their clothing on the site. Thanks for taking a site.

I wonder how they know what socks the celebrities were wearing? They are nice socks, I just can't see them in the actual photos.

We call them before we post :) Just kidding, we just match up a pair of socks based on the look of the outfit. Thanks for taking a look at the site.

Suggestions from Mrs Browl - great, but do the same for celebrities of different ethnicities and sizes. There are plenty of guys who are shaped like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, John Goodman - all of whom are well dressed.

Absolutely and great suggestion. We 100% agree with you and that is our plan moving forward.

Nice execution. We had a similar idea called http://www.pinchthelook.com but for women. The feedback was great and people 'loved' the site but ultimately we couldn't get to a scale where there was enough traffic and clicks to make it worthwhile. Engagement isn't fantastic since it's more of a quick browse and if I like something click away from site.

Perhaps this idea will work better for Men as they probably need a bit more help in piecing together a look (more often than not) ;)

Nice looking site. As far as traffic goes, perhaps you might want to re-consider your page titles/headers as well as include more content with targeted keywords. I can't imagine many people are searching using terms like "short and sweet". Also, your content is quite sparse when it comes down to it, which means there's really not a whole lot for search engines to index.

Thanks for the kind words. Curious as to how long you actively developed. Also interested in what felt worked/didn't work in engaging your audience.

Nice looking site!

Thanks! As a backend dev who did the UI I appreciate that very much!

I love this idea!

I don't think you need to use celebrities at all. If you had well dressed men with different styles with links to the stores where one can purchase the items, I think men will like it more. I don't think a lot of men feel comfortable with "dressing like a celebrity" but most don't mind getting ideas for a wardrobe. It will also solve the issue of rights infringements.

The only thing I didn't like is the links to the socks that are not visible in the picture.

You see carbon copies of celebrities running around all the time, in fact that is one of the main drivers behind the fashion industry. Both men and women do this and even though it totally weirds me out (I'm a jeans-and-t-shirt guy on private time and I'll add a simple shirt on professional days) I do think there is a business case by tying into celebrities. It immediately creates a rights issue though.

Thanks for taking a look at the site. You're right. Celebrities often drive fashion trends.

Thanks for commenting. You are right! We will be adding non-celebrities too. This will be in addition to the current offering. . . a bit of a different angle though. The socks are added as a fun way to accessorize the outfit. Sometimes we add phone cases and wallets for this reason too.

This is a great idea. I would be careful going too cheap on the recommended pieces. For example, on the Theo James, there is no way I would buy a Haynes T-shirt. If super-cheap is your target market, then great. But, you could also go thewirecutter style and have "Get this look for under $100" and "A more expensive version". Good luck on the execution!

Thanks for the feedback. Our aim is "affordable." Unfortunately, that's pretty subjective. So, we try to appeal to a broad audience under that umbrella. We could link to a GAP shirt one day and a Hanes the next. With that said, we are definitely going to feature "Get this look for $_____" like you suggested. Great idea.

If you made this as a commercial venture you are probably infringing on these celebrities personality rights.

He/she is also infringing on IP rights. For example they are photoshopping out the model from Amazon and Lord and Taylor product pages and reusing those images without permission. Even though it's not for profit as soon as it gets large enough for those companies to notice the creator can expect a cease and desist letter.

He's linking to the products... why would they send a cease and desist to a website sending them targeted leads?

Because fighting infringement trumps short term profits for larger companies.

Because companies are pretty defensive their brand and also in some cases the contracts with modeling agencies may be a factor.

Source: I work at Amazon and am working closely with product imaging at the moment.

Thanks for your insight. We're doing our best to represent the brands we link to positively. In fact, we've already had two of the brands we link to reach out to us and ask if they could be of help in any way.

I was going to respond in a snarky tone about the absurdity of there being such a thing as personality rights. Fortunately, I googled it first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality_rights


Not to mention the copyrights of the photographers who took the photos, assuming these haven't been licensed.

The companies and freelance photographers who focus on the celebrity market are some of the most aggressive you'll encounter in protecting their rights.

Yes. $2.1m suit against Perez Hilton who was linking to a store carrying the outfit.


Interesting to note that all the major online gossip rags appear to have links to outfits already.

The personality rights probably have no bearing with respect to paparazzi photos.

Still, I love the "do this but for Bollywood" suggestion.

Thanks for posting and checking out the site. From the article that was linked, it sounds like reason for the suit was a refusal to remove the photos after a cease and desist. We are actively looking for the best solution.

> We are actively looking for the best solution.

It's called licensing. Knowingly using photos that you don't have the right to use will eventually catch up with you. If you think that waiting for cease and desist letters is a long-term strategy, I would strongly suggest that you speak to an attorney who can explain why that won't work.

That's a valid point, and it was already something that we have been looking into, and possibly even doing the Getty editorial images.

Reminds me of http://www.polyvore.com/

It would be a much better customer experience if you could buy the entire outfit in one action -- add outfit to cart, checkout, done -- instead of going to each product's ecommerce site individually, which would take quite a long time. I realize these are all different stores operating on disparate platforms -- Hybris, Magento, Oracle ATG, Elastic Path, etc. -- but aggregating it somehow via a middle platform would be much more seamless to the end user. And the site operators could take a small cut.

Great idea. We're trying to think of ways we can do this. Thanks for taking a look.

I like the simplicity of it. I could see myself actually using this to buy a new outfit, whereas for most fashion sites I feel hopelessly lost because, truthfully, I just need someone to tell me what to get. I have a vague desire to dress well, but I find I just can't be bothered to keep up on trends to research how different pieces go together myself.

Presenting a clean list of outfits from which I can choose, with each outfit having every individual component already mapped out, represents an easy compromise.

See also: http://www.thread.com Stylists recommend outfits for you based on criteria you specify & photos you upload.

Great-looking site, but did you license the images used? Celebrity photogs won't take kindly to usage without permission. I've even heard of blogs being sued for similar.

That's a valid point, and it was already something that we have been looking into, and possibly even doing the Getty editorial images.

You'll want to take care of it quickly. Google turns up numerous cases where sites used images without permission, received a cease-and-desist, took the images down immediately and then still got sued. It's the photographer's livelihood.

First thought I had.

great idea. not all sunglasses are wayfarers though...

would be cool if you had mechanisms for swapping out similar items. so you could "fork" a look, if you will.

Lol, gonna have to mix it up then. That's what those products are :)

Hmmm... Great thoughts. Thanks. Will definitely keep that in mind as we scale.


come on, these look nothing like wayfarers. you're pushing it with that jacket, too. i realize you have to match on a budget, but details matter here. that will help build credibility and authority in fashion.

i didn't mean to nitpick or sound too cynical, i think it's a great idea. good luck.

Thanks for the feedback. AS you notice, we want to keep it afforable. Same overall look, but different because of price. Will work on being more accurate though. Thanks!

That's definitely not the Levi's trucker jacket that Efron is wearing, either. (His jacket has buttons on both sides, and what looks to be a sheepskin or fleece collar, and the breast pockets have hidden buttons. And so on — it's completely different.) People who care about fashion care about details like these.

Personally, I find it disingenuous. I like the idea, but associating these outfits with glamorous celebrities doesn't make the products automatically better. At the very least you should offer a choice between the real item and, if it's expensive, offer a cheaper item as an alternative.

Thanks for chiming in. In our footer you'll find this "Famous Outfits is not just another site that finds the latest in celebrity men's fashion. We take it a step further by showing you how to achieve the same look affordably." They key here is the "look." We don't say that we're going to exactly identify every piece of clothing the celebrity is wearing. If you look at Robert Pattinson's outfit on the site, he's actually wearing a $3000 Gucci jacket. We link to a jacket that has a very similar look for $30. The audience and niche we're aiming toward is more in line with the $30 price range.

I leave you with this: "very similar" is subjective. most people who actually care about fashion would not find these items "very similar".

I definitely see the use case for "so cheap it's nothing like the original", but you need to provide a service for people who actually care about fashion. because if you don't care about fashion you wouldn't be on this site in the first place.

this is why i recommend "forking". show me 10 jackets that are "very similar" of varying prices. so I can match on budget but also on how particular I am.

even if I were not privy to fashion- my first reaction would be "these are not the same sunglasses."

I could find sunglasses at my local grocery store that are cheaper and look more similar to zac's than the pair you recommended. what do I need your site for? rebuilding a look for cheap is not the problem. rebuilding an authentic look for cheap if the problem.

Thanks! Cool idea. . . I like the GitHub "fork" concept!

This is amazing and I've wanted this for awhile but didn't know where to find it. Great execution, keep on trucking and it'll do very well.

Thanks for the kind words!

Nice. Of course the obvious criticism (to me at least) is that the exacts products are not the same even, though the overall look is, eg David Beckham's shirt or JT's cardigan.



Comments are a good idea, but I wonder if eventually you could crowdsource finding the exact product, perhaps giving a reward to whoever guessed it right from some bounty pool.

You might even get celebs themselves cooperating - perhaps you could notify them by twitter, and post their replies to the page, or offer some unique hashtag if they want to declare what they were wearing.

Or, more realistically, have fans send tweets out on your behalf to elicit a response from a celeb that you could then record: that can be done automatically. Eventually you could have a celeb claim their page for customization.

It'd be also interesting to allow users to post pictures of themselves trying to look-alike. They could mention if they found the exact brand-copy in their subsequent shopping. Then the underlying celeb (or rather brand) might become interested in working with you.

>Of course the obvious criticism (to me at least) is that the exacts products are not the same even, though the overall look is

This is actually the strength. If they served customers the exact clothing celebrities are wearing it wouldn't be terribly actionable...the cost would be prohibitive.

Yeah, but many people won't want to look like a celeb.. they may just like a shirt (rather than purchase an entire outfit.) Then I'd have cheaper alternatives listed. In fact, there would be many alternatives to many of those products, but let's start with the real one (ideally). There could even be a cost-calculator to work out some combination of items for some overall price-range.. some legitimate, some alternative. Users could post alternatives and they could be ranked - the highest ranked one is listed on the page with the image (ideally it'd be the legitimate brand.)

Every bit of that complexity comes with an increasingly high cost though. You start adding more messaging, cost calculators, starting points that aren't actionable by most of your customers, forums etc., and you can quickly damage your value prop.

I think "Show me a celeb I want to look like and let me do it" has the best chance of working for many reasons. The message is clear, and the goal is easy to understand and attainable given the customer's resources (both attention and monetary).

I'd guess that it's better to start simple and slowly add these complex features carefully as the audience grows.

Check out Head to Toe with Lenny Kravitz. http://vimeo.com/88261633 - he goes through one of his outfits and where he got the items, and declares his fashion philosophy "Be Yourself."

He's wearing it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM_8YbRZYps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R22tbWQgp5g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9j93MoZdeU (and in numerous photos from 2011 (with slight differences))

Not sure where this could lead, but that video alone could be on the site. Even that philosophy would be useful to people who have not realized it yet.

ok, well to me that doesn't work for me, I'd prefer:

"show me a great piece of clothing as exactly worn by a celeb, then let me buy it"

Of course, but you aren't the customer or part of the business model:

> Our aim is "affordable." Unfortunately, that's pretty subjective. So, we try to appeal to a broad audience under that umbrella.

The features of the site have to be tailored to the business objectives. Mass market aspirational as opposed to high-end.

Awesome idea! Adding a forum or some type of community/social aspect might be even more fun for visitors. I noticed the comments at the bottom of the pages and it looks like some visitors are already posting some things and that's great. Maybe with some more social features you can build a community and bring in more traffic.

Thanks! We have a major community piece we are currently working on. We're aiming to have it completed this weekend.

The mailing list was nice while it lasted. After a day or two, I started receiving "CLICK TO VIEW TODAY'S STYLE" e-mail links to force me to visit the site to see the style. E-mailing me links to your site everyday is basically spam. With no content coming from the mailing list, I promptly unsubscribed.

This is really good...I like the concept. I hate shopping online for single items online and i do find myself 'borrowing' from the style of others.

Packaging up all items for delivery is great. Having people upload their own style and having your site do the same with their picture would be pretty awesome.

Glad you like it. We're working on user submissions right now. Thanks for the suggestion.

great site. neat concept.

i'm so out of style, but I can take away one thing from that first page : crotch depth in men's pants is too low now. I know fashion is cyclical, but it feels like we're about to witness the re-emergence of 80's style high-waist jeans.

god those were uncomfortable.

James Bond does not wear those socks.

I also had worked on something similar


Example of wardrobes : http://getsnapcode.com/wardrobes/18

I found some shoes to buy from your site, great job! This also works for interior design, most people just want to find out where to buy the items they are looking at. Houzz is starting to do this, but on a limited basis.

I don't mean to derail these comments further from the OP, but I'm glad you brought this up. I really wish Houzz would find a way to make money off product placements and start pumping it. 99% of the time when I see a room of interest the first question I have is "what is that?" (material/colour/brand) and "where can I find it?".

Cool. I'm glad you found something you were looking for!

Isn't this how ASOS [1] started? It used to be called "As Seen on Screen" and you used to be able to buy, say, the same baseball cap as David Beckham or the leather jacket that Tom Hanks wore in Movie X etc.

[1] www.asos.com

Ha I never knew that. Here's where they say it now http://www.asos.com/asos-as-seen-on-screen/cat/pgehtml.aspx?...

I made something similar to this but more DIY -- not curated outfits worn by celebs, but outfits designed and shared by you.


Cool! Just curious what you built this in.

Looks awesome. You could use the ShopStyle API to monetize product links. http://shopsense.shopstyle.com

Now I just need one of these that sources from stores that actually carry my size. Pretty sure my fat butt would be turned away at the doors of Uniqlo or H&M.

Looks like a cool idea, I'm not sure how accurate the products you link to are to whats pictured though. I would work on making that more accurate.

Thanks! Our goal is to achieve the same look affordably. We do the best we can, but we also encourage our community to engage and suggest an alternative if there is a better option.

Yeah, I saw plenty of stuff that didn't match the photo at all.

I subscribed. The RSS feed is here http://famousoutfits.com/feed/ BTW.

Great! Thank you.

And here's an IFTTT recipe to go with it: https://ifttt.com/recipes/201372-email-subscription-to-famou...

Cool. Thanks for doing that!

Who wants to copy what some celeb has on??? I can't believe there's a market for this. Then again, I thought Twitter was a stupid idea...

At a guess, people that think that if they dress like celebrities they'll be more attractive somehow.

I couldn't care less what a celebrity wears but enough people do that I think it might work, judging by the reactions here he's found a bunch of takers already.

I've wanted this for years... I even own the website http://www.styleaday.com

These guys are wearing regular department-store looks.

Sorry to interrupt the party, but LookBook was already doing it at least 3 years ago - that I remember: http://lookbook.nu/look/6605676-Sheinside-Bet-Printed-Choies...

Also, if you liked that site + you would like to do money with it, check out http://www.seedtag.com/ it's like the big brother idea of that site. I see an incredible potential on it.

Thanks for commenting! We think what we're offering is unique to lookbook. Lookbook is almost all women (and almost everything similar to this concept is too) and a small percentage of their photos are breakdowns of where to purchase. We also have a few ideas that we are woking on that involve community engagement that lookbook is not offering either. However, seedtag looks promising. Is it in Spanish only?

How are you handling photo rights/licensing?

This is something that we have been looking into, and possibly even doing the Getty editorial images.

My roommate works at RewardStyle, you should look into their platform for monetization. It's pretty awesome.

RS is great. My wife runs a fashion blog and it's the best affiliate platform out there right now. It makes monetizing your links a cinch.

However, I have had problems with performance. I think they are just struggling to keep up with the growing scale. Resolving redirects through bit.ly to rstyle to finally the product can be very slow at times. And their image widgets are also pretty slow. I think they need to improve their CDNs. And iOS app is pretty buggy.

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

You should monetize this with affiliate links at the very least. Looks like a promising project, good job!

That's on the way. We have applied to a few different places and just got approved. Definitely don't wanna clutter the pages with ads. Thanks for the comment.

very nice. bookmark'd and hopefully I'll remember it in a few days when I go fall shopping.

Edit: I should just say that other than the landing page, the page css doesn't seem to be loading properly. You should probably fix that. Sites other than HN benefit from nice graphics.

Why don't you use referrals where possible (i.e. Amazon)? I think it will convert a lot!

Great suggestion. We are in the process of integrating affiliate links.

This is awesome. I have a feeling Instagram is going to be your biggest growth lever.

No affiliate links?

Instagram and Pinterest seem to be the most popular so far. Affiliate links are coming.

You need to add more famous programmers to your list for variety's sake.

Thanks for posting. Keep an eye out on September 9th. We're planning to do something special for the Apple Announcement.

Do post on /r/frugalmalefashion and /r/malefashionadvice

The jacket Ryan Gosling is wearing has a front pocket. I don't think it's the Perry Ellis Bomber Jacket.

His boots also don't look like Steve Madden boots.

This is a great concept, but it would be a lot more meaningful to me if I knew I could trust the product listings.

I am fairly certain the idea of this website isn't "wear exactly what celebs are wearing".

Rather, the idea is "you can look like a celeb without buying designer clothing!"

Indeed, the former can be found in a plethora of style magazines.

Why put David Beckham's socks on here when you can clearly not see them in the picture?


Coolspotters, the site I run, does the exact same thing! We have a big library of celebrities and the clothing they're wearing. http://coolspotters.com

very cool, love the idea. I spoke about this idea in the past and if someone could execute it properly it could go somewhere. Any plans to monetize?

How do you know what socks they were/are wearing?

Monetize this by using http://www.viglink.com/ and watch the dollars pour in!

Great, now ship it to me.

The CDN is down :/

Get on Twitter.

Hmm... love the idea, and it'll probably make money, but the problem with anything like this (even magazine ads) is that cut is paramount and people come in different shapes and sizes. Clothes fitting properly matters much more than what they look like on the rack, and more often than not, cuts at discount stores are either atrocious, or they are designed for fit models (those lucky jerks).

I can go to uniqlo, i can buy a shirt that fits my sholders great, at target? Forget it. Back at the uniqlo, i may try going to their jeans section, but nothing fits me, nothing. I have to get levi's because i have odd hip/leg ratio and they are the only firm that can sell me that cut for under $100. I am limited excessively by this... and we are only talking about basic blue jeans.

The celebs look good because they have the time and money to buy stuff that fits, and looks great together. Imitation may be a great way to same the time, discounted imitation may be a way to save the time and money, but i think that in neither case you'll look good.

The best thing to do is to get into looks as a whole, and once you have decent taste, buy thing that work for your body. It's not easy, and it may not be as cheap as these places try and get you to believe you can do it for, but at the end of the day, you'll look good, instead of a crappy version of Zac Efron.

Also, please find some less perfect celebrities. I can go on reddit's male fashion advice and find things that fit skinny people all day, and I can even find things to make Chris Farley look good (because there are only two sizes on MFA, skinny and fucking huge), but try to find fashion advice for a Zack Galifianakis. Doesn't exist.

When you're skinny, it's not hard to look good or copy styles. Little more difficult when you have a few pounds.

If Uniqlo fits you well, try any of the Mossimo shirts at Target, v-necks or crew necks. Cheap and good enough quality. (Gleaned that from /r/malefashionadvice.)

Otherwise, for the shirts and pants that almost fit, find yourself a good tailor and have them adjusted to your body. It's not expensive at all for basic adjustments.

There's a lot more to fit than BMI - body shape, for example.

And in fact matching the right Colours to your skin tone and style will have a greater impact on how you look (and feel) than the right fit, although both are important.

> at the uniqlo, i may try going to their jeans section, but nothing fits me, nothing

you don't get your pants fitted at uniqlo? it's free and only takes 30 minutes or so.

AFAIK, Uniqlo only hems, and the jeans probably don't fit in other ways (e.g. thighs, calves).

I would, however, love to be wrong.

Ah, okay. Yeah, that's about the only way I've seen them fit jeans. Sorry to disappoint.

Seconding many of the other comments regarding the similarity between Uniqlo and Target. I have a few oxford dress shirts from each (Merona brand at Target) and they appear to be so similar in cut, fit, and quality to be from the same factory. There are subtle differences in the collar styling, but they aren't noticeable unless you hold them up next to each other.

But if you found a shirt at uniqlo, haven't you already found a cheap shirt?

Pants are easy to shorten, so if you find some that fits at uniqlo, except for being too long, have them shortened. They provide this service in-store at uniqlo in japan, I don't know about the US.

Well done and congrats on launching. But I hate that it's all about promoting cheap consumer goods that were made in a Chinese sweatshop and are half way to their final destination in an American landfill.

I'm not trying to sound elitist, but Old Navy? That stuff is garbage and will fall apart. And before somebody points out that not everybody is as fortunate as I must be: Clothes and other textiles once made up a much larger percentage of our incomes. Clothes are relatively cheap and if there's any issues it's because of a choice to emphasize quantity over quality.

Our consumer more-is-better culture is certainly not your fault. I just lament doing anything to fuel it.

Edit: if I had to suggest a place to buy affordable clothing, I'd say http://everlane.com

Or maybe people don't want to wear the same thing for more than five years and like to change their style up from time to time without giving an arm and a leg. You're lamenting the wonders of economic efficiency and industrialization, not a "more-is-better" culture. And you may not be trying to sound elitist, you are elitist. Please go to your local old navy give the same speech you wrote here to the single mother trying her best to buy her kids some decent looking, fashionable clothes while also putting food on the table and try to tell them you're not trying to be elitist.

If you think you can get 5 years out of Old Navy clothes, good luck to you in that. This is not about being inexpensive, which is why I shared the link to everlane. It's about being CHEAP. The clothes are cheap and fall apart. There is no wonder of modern supply chain there.

And save your "single mother" speech. Really. This site has nothing to do with buying for your children. This is aimed at adults. That's obvious. Besides, why exactly is it virtuous that the single mother is emphasizing style over economy here?

I regularly get cheap garments to last five years. The quality gap is no that broad and certainly not justified by the extra expense. Anyways, since when did fashion need to be durable? More often than not people change their style to fit the fashion trends long before they wear their clothes out. Plus, clothes can be easily repaired if you're that frugal.

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