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TwitTornado: Real-time Twitter using Tornado (twittornado.com)
42 points by garbowza on Sept 16, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

I've open sourced the code here


A bit more about TwitTornado


It was a fun and short project. I highly recommend Tornado to anyone needing a push framework.

You should be able to get near-instant updates by using Twitter's streaming API: http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Streaming-API-Documentation#statu...

I just updated Tornado's httpclient to include a streaming_callback parameter which allows you to process data as it arrives (the param was somehow lost when httpclient was extracted from the FriendFeed code).

To use it, just do something like:

       cb, streaming_callback=self._handle_data, auth_username=...)

    def _handle_data(self, data):
        lines = (self.prev_linepart + data).split("\n")
        self.prev_linepart = lines[-1]
        lines = lines[:-1]
        if not lines:

        for t in lines:
                tweet = tornado.escape.json_decode(t)

Awesome! I'll try to integrate this soon.

This is great! For me, the best thing about it is that it actually allows me to tweet, a feature that has not worked for me on the Twitter website for several weeks. It is nice to be able to tweet from a browser again.

TIP: The official tornadoweb.com link is incorrect. I believe it should be http://www.tornadoweb.org/

I click "Sign in with Twitter", give it my u/p and click "Allow", then it takes me back to the exact same starting page ("Sign in with Twitter").

Yeah, same here

Same same

Is it only me or it doesn't work?

Twitter seems to be pretty dodgy at the moment with the increased # of requests going to it. Its giving 503's. Refreshing a few times (brute force!) eventually gets you through.

It's working for me. I think Twitter was down for a few mins.

"There is no need to refresh. Your stream is automatically updated with the other non-TwitTornado tweets in 30 second intervals."

30 seconds interval? So, it is "near-realtime". Anyway, you have a really nice product up there.

Tweets from other TwitTornado users are in real time (via Tornado). Tweets from non-TwitTornado users are polled on the interval.

I'd love to see this built own. A live-updating, clean, and light weight web based twitter client doesn't exist. I'd subscribe for a few bucks a month to use it.

This's exactly what I want. I also built a web based one with PHP but the performance is not good enough for real time.

Hmm, I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway error from nginx

The throbber going constantly is annoying.

Agreed, though that's only for certain browsers. Hopefully either those browsers fix it or some hack around it is established. What browser are you using?

Until getting any push/real-time features is going to come with that.

Many hacks around it are established. Take a look at the Orbited project, http://orbited.org/, or come talk to us in IRC (in #orbited on freenode) if you want help figuring out how to avoid the UI side-effects.

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