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Show HN: Bootstrappers.io – A community for business bootstrappers (bootstrappers.io)
161 points by nickhould on Sept 4, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 56 comments

Remove the unsafe package asap, and do database operations the safe way.

edit: For downvoters, the author has the 'development mode' package still in the project which allows you full read/write to the database without any credentials from the web console. All that is necessary is for someone to guess the name of one of the collections.

What made you say that? Maybe it's changed now but I don't think the site had that package? Were you able to modify content through the browser console?

I'm the main maintainer of Telescope. Great use of the app! I'm always excited to see a Telescope site make the front page of HN :)

Out of interest, can Telescope do standard paging rather than "endless mores"?

No, because "standard" paging doesn't work well for real-time apps (or even non-real time, imho. Anyway it's a complex topic…).

That being said, Telescope's pagination is reflected in the URL. So if you page 4 times and you refresh the page, you won't lose your place.

Sacha, awesome job on Telescope. Looking forward contributing to the project.

i'm afraid i gave up on telescope once i tried it on a mobile browser, i was dissapointed.

Why? What happened? I worked a lot on the mobile version recently, is it better now?

unrelated, but are you still actively maintaining Folyo?

I know Sacha is still working on it, yup!

His recent post on the $5 logo got a lot of traction: http://blog.folyo.me/the-5-dollar-logo/

Thanks for pointing that out! As Justin said I'm still working on it, although I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes. Right now we're working on a cool new feature that will help clients estimate their design budget :)

Do you guys have a different audience/different emphasis than bootstrapped.fm?

Either way, I saw some interesting links there. Thanks and best of luck!

The audience we are targeting is very similar to Bootstrapped.fm. However, the type of community we aim to build is somewhat different: we want to be the Hacker News for bootstrappers, the site you go check on a daily basis to get the latest news of the community. Bootstrapped.fm discussions are a bit more forum-like.

Hey Nick, cool to see one of your projects pop-up! I've been wondering what you've been up to.

A bit of feedback—Unfortunately, it appears that the site is continuously loading. I'm sure its because you're on the front page.

Also, having the user manually add callbacks for Twitter seems odd.

Hey Sam,

I did a few fixes that should enable the loading of the site. Wasn't expecting 10K+ page views in a few hours. I will look into the Twitter issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

> Also, having the user manually add callbacks for Twitter seems odd.

That does sound very odd. Can you describe the problem? When did that happen?

One thing I like about the way subreddit's pages are is they often have a sidebar wiki that contains a recommended book list, some recommended reading, beginner tutorials, related communities and forums etc.

It might be a good idea to add something similar, just an idea.

Great idea. Any specific ressources you are thinking about?

There are loads of classic startup / lean books out there. You could monetize those with amazon affiliate links.

That's a great idea! You could pay for server costs with that, I doubt you could make a lot of money doing that though.

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Essays (any) - Paul Graham

I personally enjoyed "I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59" by Douglas Edwards as well.

Although 2 out of 3 of those mentioned are really bootstrapped focused but rather funding focused people?

Start Small, Stay Small by Rob Walling

This is the next book I read. Heard a lot of good things about it.

There's also this: http://discuss.bootstrapped.fm/

I'm looking for moderators of the community. Please reach me at nick.hould [@] gmail.com.

Love it! Only gripe is the plaintext HTTP login form. Any plans to support HTTPS?

Thanks for the feedback! It's in the plans to add HTTPS support.

Sorry guys, but there is no excuse not to use https at this day and age. No SSL no dice.

Other than that I'd be super interested in your site :)

First: Thanks for creating this!

Second: IMHO, I really do think this suffers from being a single page app. It's essentially an HN clone. Would HN be better if it was a single page app? No, it would probably be worse.

Telescope creator here. You're not wrong, there's definitely some downsides to Telescope being a single-page app. The two big ones are a longer initial loading time, and making it harder to cache the app.

That being said, there are also advantages: for example, once the initial load is done, the next page loads are pretty much instant.

In any case, I'm hoping that Meteor eventually implements server-side template rendering. When that happens, Meteor apps like Telescope will in theory benefit from the advantages of both static and single-page apps.

Not sure why but for me (Mac/Chrome) the page keeps jumping to the top every 5 seconds when I'm viewing a comment thread on Bootstrappers.io

That's actually my fault, it's a Telescope bug. It was fixed in one of the recent updates, but I guess the site was probably running a slightly outdated version.

Will dig into this. Any other persons experiencing this issue? The project still might have a few glitches. By the way, thanks for the feedback.

I'm getting this on Chrome/Mac too. And like everyone else said, great site!

Experiencing the same issue on Android/Chrome. Nice site btw :)

I usually experience this with Firefox and it has to do with forms having focus set to true/default.

ditto on mac safari.

Does it have a lag or admin approval on the stories, i just posted a blog post and it does not show.

its just popped up :-)

Nice site Nick. I am learning meteor these days. Good use of the Telescope application.

Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure, I believe HN has choked the site? Trying to register and hangs.

Should be fixed. My current setup doesn't really support the load of HN + ProductHunt

Awesome job Nick! I've been meaning to get into Meteor.

Thanks for the feedback Enrique.

Looks interesting :)

What did you use to build site?

We used telesc.pe. It's a great open source project. For this initial version of Bootstrappers.io, the site is basically what you get out if the box from telesc.pe. Major props to the makers of this open source project.

Looks like Telescope (http://www.telesc.pe/), a Meteor framework for building HN-style community sites.

Looks like it is built on Meteor.js. Has anyone used Meteor.js in production? What are some of the cons to watch out for?

There's quite a few production Meteor apps. One of my favorites is https://respond.ly.

There are a few more examples here: https://www.meteor.com/gallery (although that page seems a little out of date)

http://spotting.meteor.com/ by design will be more up to date.

We use meteorjs in production. Check out https://vida.io.

Getting spammed by a 4channer

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