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That's not really what happened though. I had a contract for a minimum of four months on the apartment. Which wouldn't have been a problem for me even if I quit after three months. I deposited the last months rent when I signed the contract. When I informed the landlord that I could only stay two months, she kept the deposit and forced me to leave the apartment in the middle of the second month.

Your landlord treating you illegally is not unbabel's problem.

Did you seek help from Portuguese legal system for your landlord problem?

I don't really think my landlord was treating me illegally, unethical perhaps considering the situation. Unbabel helped me set up the contract for the apartment. They knew that I was stuck with it for four months when they fired me.

Have you had any experience with the Portuguese state or legal system? I'd probably still be standing in a queue somewhere.

So, it's never you?

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